Money & Lack Ancestral Karma

Your deepest ancestral challenge is around Prosperity, Money and Lack Consciousness.

You may feel that money is really hard to make, must be worked very hard for and for long hours, and that "money doesn't grow on trees". You may also feel that for you, or for anyone to have something, other people must go without.

You may be resentful of the money system in general, and wish you that you did not need to live in a world where you need to consistently create money and income in order to receive life-sustaining items.

This is a very common ancestral karma in the human race, as we have lived for thousands of generations in survival mode, where collecting and hording things like food and shelter materials helped humans to literally survive and continue living.

That said, in our current world, this type of thinking and body-response no longer serves our greatest good. As a person who is aligned with Goodness and Kindness, you may find yourself giving away your time, energy and resources, thinking that this creates good for others, while letting yourself go without. As loving as this intention is, it is incomplete! YOU must also receive, and receive LAVISHLY in order to fully thrive into your deepest soul purpose.

The great news is that you can totally transmute this ancestral patterning! 

You can thrive, bring in lots of money, and use it to better the world.

This is totally possible.

money ancestral karma

In order to start the process of sealing this Ancestral Karma, you need the bravery to see it.

And you have already demonstrated that by saying YES to receiving this transmission. Great!

The flip-side of Lack consciousness, is Divine Grace & the Abundance of God

The thing is, none of us were ever designed for struggle, lack and living on very little.

Feel into your energy field, and take a look at what living on less FEELS and LOOKS like. Do you feel yourself trying to fit into a smaller space than you actually and genuinely CAN and WANT to take up?

There is an energy of squeezing oneself to fit, rather than standing full and solid, inhabiting your Divine Place within this world.

To recognize your Divinely Abundant nature,
and to begin transmuting this ancestral karma:

  • Contemplate and cultivate gratitude for the ever-giving, unconditional nature of this planet.

  • Re-organize your wallet to create a Sacred Space for money. Release all old and stagnant energy, bless your wallet with essential oils, and say a prayer of intention over the money or cards that you have in there now. Respect, Love and Treasure the abundance that you do have today.

  • Listen closely to your family, caretakers and also other people as they speak about money. What story-lines do you hear most often? How does that feel? What do you believe? Begin to realize how what you are hearing and believing is playing a part in how you are acting. Start to weave a new story.

  • Catch yourself when you feel the need to justify or explain your current financial situation. Try on a new story: Say "I CHOOSE not to buy this right now" instead of "I can't buy this".

  • Recognize the places where you ARE abundant NOW. Where can you give to another, to support THEIR dream, even if it is only $1? By giving, and recognizing that you CAN give, you recognize your own potential.

  • MANTRA: I Love Money, and Money Loves Me -- put a copy of this in your wallet!

This is a taste to get your FIRE LIT!

Can you feel your desire to alchemize this karma once and for all?
You have the opportunity to do that in this lifetime.

SO much Ancestral Alchemy is possible!

Does this work excite you?

Can you feel the potential here?

Join us!

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