ever felt like your life has become too small for you?

About a decade ago I was living the perfect life -- working a job at a research laboratory, looking at med school on the horizon; living in a quaint suburban home with a backyard garden,
and a nice long-term relationship to match.

From the outside looking in, things looked great.

From the inside looking out, I was suffocating; my big-thinking, creative mindset wasn’t welcome at my job, my relationship was silently crumbling, and my world was dimming into boredom and stagnation.
I was losing myself.

I was scared, confused, hesitant and unsure of anything.
I was so afraid to leave my life -- what would people think?
I was scared to call a career-change -- hadn’t I put in years, already? How would I support myself?
The thought of leaving it all behind frightened me -- and so did staying exactly where I was.

Synchronicity and Divine Timing, of course, had some plans for me.

One night, I had a dream -- I awoke feeling total power, freedom and liberation.
In my heart of hearts, I knew that something was cracking and shifting, and I was finally ready.

And then, in a whirlwind couple of months, my mother got cancer,
swooped me off with her to Brazil, and shortly after,
I followed my intuition to the pyramids in Mexico.

hand on wall calm.jpg

Those couple months required more strength and courage than I thought I had.
I finally surrendered, and allowed my heart and soul to lead.
And that’s when I bloomed into my power!

Have you been sensing that you need a change?
That something is sprouting in you -- yet you don’t know how to let it grow?
Have you been calling in a new life, a new version of you, and want to make it a reality?

In a few short months, your whole life can change.
And you know what?
It doesn’t mean you need to leave your job, your partner or your home.
It doesn’t have to LOOK radical.
Though radical it is -- because your heart and your soul is becoming liberated.

A new level of YOU is emerging.
Shackles are dropping.
You’re stepping forward.

My signature program -- Full-Body Business -- is the perfect container to support your rebirth.

tree heart giving.png

Your body is your indispensable vehicle to all of this goodness.

If your nervous system and mindset isn’t on board, any amount of logical desire and intention cannot get you where you are trying to go.

By grounding all these changes in your body, and opening up the gates of energy within you, change, confidence, self-worth and income start to pour in.

I’m talking yoni activation —> the way you’ve never done before.

Your body on-line and firing —> Creative, Brave and Confident.

Making friends with your pleasure again —> as your Compass!

And mindset work that melts your limitations at the core.

Grab your free breakthrough session, and let’s talk.
Looks like you’re ready for this next level.