you are meant for ease
you are meant for grace
trust in this, and walk forward boldly

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what would it feel like to embody the soul?

You’re here to live a life of fulfillment, joy and wonder. You want sizzling relationships of depth and authenticity, a healthy body that you feel good in, and a connection with something bigger than yourself, than society. A connection with the magic of existence, with Source.

You want your best life. That said, one thing isn’t clear: How to get there.

I see your innate potential, and I have the strategies and practical tools that will move you forward with joy on your soul-aligned path, no matter what life is like today.

Whether you want to experience more aliveness and fulfillment on a daily basis, a deeper connection with your heart and soul, or whether you’re on the brink of an unknown chapter of your life, I can help.

Envisioning the possibilities is one thing. Creating real and effective shifts is another, and is so much easier together. I’ll go there with you, because I’m passionate about you stepping forward on your life path.

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Hi Beloved, I’m Anna Loza.

I’m an intuitive and passionate Soul Path coach who believes that your best life is your birthright. I know that everything that you want is within your reach, and I have the tools and experience to help you see that become a reality.

This means that a life aligned with your dreams is not only possible, it’s achievable in your near future. It means that contentment and joy are within your reach, and everything that holds you back can be melted away and moved through. You have always been capable of this.

I get really excited to hear you speak from your heart, and I feel so honored to listen to your life journey. I instantly feel and see opportunities that are already open to you, actions that will move you forward, perspectives that will shift your reality into soul-alignment, even when the way forward seems dark and unknown to you. When you share your dreams with me, I see your innate truth, and I feel the keys and tools that will unlock your next best steps.

My Journey Here

I started as an intuitive and energetically sensitive child with a gift for seeing the world as joyous and supportive.

I have always carried the desire and capacity for healing, crafting intuitive rituals and ceremonies of wellbeing for plants and animals as I was growing up.

This penchant for all that heals and a deep craving to see the depths of humanity’s soul brought me to the final years of a B.Sc in Psychology. That is when my awakening began again.

I realized that the modern paths of medicine and psychology on their own, could not hold a candle to the depths of healing available in other realms.

I uncovered a resilient intuitive connection with herbs and medicinal foods, and began to uplevel my body’s health after a lifetime of consistent disease. As I saw my body not only recover, but seemingly grow younger and stronger, I knew that I would not go on to pursue medical school.

After I finished my B.Sc in Psychology I struck out on my own path of deep learning and life change.

As I began to feel sure in my herbal and food-based healing practice, I began to deepen into the realms of transpersonal psychology. Through self-study and dedication, my innate gifts of keen observation and quick intuitive learning brought me many developments.

I liberated myself from what felt like consistent self-sabotage in relationships, as my reactive emotional nature melted away into slow and steady self-compassion and ever-deepening awareness.

As physical vitality and emotional ease began to be a reliable reality in my life, I began to go deeper and higher in my spiritual development.

Over the past 10 years I’ve immersed in this journey, and have taught groups and private clients about medicinal herbs, facilitated relationship enhancement, soul-path guidance, and heart-alignment.

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Where I Am Today

Taking everything that I learned from each step and rebirth along the way, today I live what I teach. I help clients actively choose and live a life that is in alignment with their own highest visions: across physical health, emotional ease and spiritual development -- and I know those to be deeply intertwined.

We begin in your area of deepest frustration and challenge, and by hearing you speak your heart and your life journey, I see the unique pieces that will help your best life click, today.

I can facilitate your journey of deep fulfillment and ease. When you know that you deserve joy, contentment, soul-alignment and an exceptional life experience, there is nothing which can stand in the way of you claiming that.

With me by your side on the journey of soul-path alignment, you will uncover that place within yourself which moves forward with ease, and see yourself thrive in Love, support and clarity. You will actively create your best life every day, and see it as a lived reality.

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My Mission

When you choose to live your best life, the whole planet benefits. Your journey is that important. And that’s why I’m here to see you through it. Like anything worthwhile, a rebirth into your best life takes time. And it can also happen in what feels like a series of fantastical breakthroughs.


That’s why I’ve designed the intimate experience of 1:1 Soul Path Activation, to give you enough support and time together so that you can truly move forward. So that all of you, holistically, crosses that threshold in one piece, and the next chapter of your best life becomes your daily reality.

With my loving presence, joyous vibration, and passionate devotion to truly hearing you, I love helping people like you step forward into a life of soul-alignment and ease.

My mission is to see you thrive, because that is what you deserve.

If you want to crack open a new layer of your best life today, right now, you can get instant access to my best free training:

Be prepared to feel deeply into yourself: that’s all you need to take some real steps towards soul-alignment.

You can also expect weekly content from my Heart to yours.


a better life is possible

loving relationships, contentment and joy
are easily within your reach

you deserve a life of fulfillment,
and the support to make it a reality

If you have the spark of a Will, I will show you a wide-open Way.

I believe in the infinite capacities of the inspired Soul.

With Great Love,


more on purpose:

We are all connected. My choices and actions affect many in ways that I may never see or understand. Some choices, I get to see clearly.

That is why, this year, 1% of all my profits are being donated to 

No Means No Worldwide

I believe in their work and in the benefit this brings to the planet.

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Hi Beloved,
I'm Anna.

I believe that you living your best life matters. And that no matter how life is for you today, a deeper experience of Love and Joy is always within your reach. I know that life is a journey of many cycles of rebirth, and that you may be on the cusp of one right now. I'm here to support your needs, desires, and soul alignment. You are not alone in wanting to reconnect with your soul. You are not alone in wanting to live from your heart. A shift really is possible for you, all within your unique situation. My deepest passion is to support you and to see you step ever-deeper into your magnificence.
This is your birthright.

I'm here for you.
With so much Love,