Ever have that feeling like something needs to shift, big time?

About a decade ago I was living the perfect life -- working a job at a research laboratory, looking at med school on the horizon; living in a quaint suburban home with a backyard garden,
and a nice long-term relationship to match.

From the outside looking in, things looked great.

From the inside looking out, I was suffocating; my big-thinking, creative mindset wasn’t welcome at my job, my relationship was silently crumbling, and my world was dimming into boredom and stagnation.
I was losing myself.

I was scared, confused, hesitant and unsure of anything.
I was so afraid to leave my life -- what would people think?
I was scared to call a career-change -- hadn’t I put in years, already? How would I support myself?
The thought of leaving it all behind frightened me -- and so did staying exactly where I was.

hand on wall calm.jpg

Synchronicity and Divine Timing, of course, had some plans for me.

One night, I had a dream -- I awoke feeling total power, freedom and liberation.
In my heart of hearts, I knew that something was cracking and shifting, and I was finally ready.

And then, in a whirlwind couple of months, my mother got cancer,
swooped me off with her to Brazil, and shortly after,
I followed my intuition to the pyramids in Mexico.

Those couple months required more strength and courage than I thought I had.
I finally surrendered, and allowed my heart and soul to lead.
And that’s when I bloomed into my power!

Have you been sensing that you need a change?
That something is sprouting in you -- yet you don’t know how to let it grow?
Have you been calling in a new life, a new version of you, and want to make it a reality?

In a few short months, your whole life can change.
And you know what?
It doesn’t mean you need to leave your job, your partner or your home.
It doesn’t have to LOOK radical.
Though radical it is -- because your heart and your soul is becoming liberated.

A new level of YOU is emerging.
Shackles are dropping.
You’re stepping forward.

Your life purpose is coming online, and your whole perspective is blooming with color,
joy and relaxation -- you feel like you can finally breathe!

My signature program -- ACCELERATE -- is the perfect container to support your rebirth.
Here, you get to go on your own magical ride!

So what happened once I followed my heart’s calling, and took that leap?

tree heart giving.png

My emotional, reactive, angry-crying nature dissolved and melted, because my Soul was no longer being shoved aside on the daily.

My intuitive and spiritual devotion soared, because I finally let myself admit that this part of me has always existed, and has deeply wanted to lead my life -- and I finally gave it permission.

My creativity and inspiration flourished! I unlocked the doors to my own heart-centered business, and met other humans who showed me that I’m not alone on this wild ride.

The opinions, judgements and misunderstandings of others didn’t bother me as much -- my internal and ever-present people-pleaser started to take a back seat,
and I felt more freedom by the day to live on my own terms.

Freedom, Joy and Expansion -- to say the least!

Was it easy?
Ooooh no.
Was it the adventure of a lifetime?
It still is, to this day!

How did I do it?

So what does that mean for YOU?
You don’t have to wait as long as I did.
You don’t need to do it on your won -- in fact, I recommend that you don’t!
You can enjoy the ride all along, because you have support from someone who’s been where you are now, and made it through.

Once I popped myself out of my stagnant and soul-dimming situation,
the balance tipped, and I was rolling.

Before that?
I sure wish I could have had some help.
And that’s what I’m here for, now.

Before I took that soulful, wild leap, I had no idea what I would find on the other side.
I just knew that I needed to go.

Are you feeling like there is SO much more out there for you?
Are you on the verge of a rebirth?
Are you slowly admitting to yourself that it’s time to turn the page?
Start a new business?
Take your income up a notch -- or ten?
Get out of that relationship -- or solidly commit to a new one?
Do you want to finally step into a confident, juicy and sensual body?
Do you crave to switch up SOMETHING, yet aren’t sure how to get the ball rolling?

If you’re nodding your head to any of this, then we need to get on a call together.
There just might be a wide-open road for you, and it could all be easier than you think.

Grab your free breakthrough session, and let’s talk.
I want to hear your story.

Ready to birth out of that cocoon into your next incredible chapter?