Self-Clearing Command

A fantastic way to support your personal will for transformation and optimization in all ways, and to assist you in abiding in clarity. Best done daily like an energetic shower.

Presented here with support from Steven Lumiere. Please access his website, Energy Reality for more information.

First create a tunnel of light around your body -- it can be useful to start with imagining a brilliant disc of light, the starts above your head and moves down to below your feet, and moves up and down in this way, faster and faster, until a high-intensity tunnel of light is created all around you.

Now say the following (either out loud or internally):

With the power of the Universal Forces of Light, I release all agreements with all beings and influences of ill-will and ill-intent on all levels, conscious, subconscious, and superconscious throughout all time and space, forever.
And with the power of the Universal Forces of Light, I command any and all beings and influences of ill-will, that have been, are, or intend to influence me in any way, directly or indirectly, to release from me and all beings and things, and go into the Light or the Christ Light, according to the highest good, Now.

(The discerning difference between friend and foe, helper and enemy, is important – whether it is for your benefit or ill. We have numerous helpers on non-physical levels and there are those that have ill intent and are on the side of resistance to positive change and interfere.)

With some practice, you can have this memorized and do it within seconds, anytime.

To begin, I recommend that you do this at least once per day for 40 days. This will greatly empower and support your personal intentions for growth and development.