Snag a complimentary session with me,
to see what my approach can do for you and YOUR Work.

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I provide my clients with high-touch, deeply personal support.

In short: I am DEVOTED to your sacred success.

Exclusively serving coaches, teachers, facilitators, service-providers and visionaries who want to experience more flow in their work, juicier days, increase their income, and release the fears and blocks holding them back from going BIG.

The planet is in an age of transformation — into the next Golden Age.
And your gifts, your Light, and your FINANCIAL WELLBEING play an integral part in this.

Open wide and RECEIVE your Birthright: Ecstatic, Abundant, Joyful & Financially Free.

Beyond “Getting by”,
Wayyyy past “Hustle”
So much more than “Making a living”

This is Sexy, Sacred Business.

Open your Root.
Trust Life.
Receive More: Money, Clients, Pleasure, Expansion.

The Root - where Trust and Fear mingle.
Can you really receive more money?
Can you really be SEEN with your scary-good message?
Can you really call yourself a HEALER or an EXPERT?
Can you really walk this path all the way?

We focus on integrating, grounding and opening the Root and Second chakra: the PUSSY and the WOMB.

Drop the shackles that have kept you and your ancestors playing small, and claim your own rightful Throne: Bring your Message, your Service, your Gifts, your Revolution to humanity.

And know what it is like to be WELL PAID: from deep within your juicy, orgasmic, pussy-led work.

Female service-providers must integrate and balance their feminine AND masculine expressions to have a successful business. Which is why in our time together, you not only expand your pleasure threshold, you also put in place the simple, clear systems that are required for your feminine flow to THRIVE.

Want to balance your feminine and masculine, create a container that your clients LOVE, and experience a new financial reality while deepening into your body’s pleasure and wisdom?

It starts with you and me getting to know each other on a complimentary call.

Spaces are limited weekly, and are reserved for DEVOTED, INSPIRED visionaries who are PAST ready for a shift in their work.

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