How to Manifest and Experience Wealth and Money -- It's Not What You Think

This is the scene I was enjoying. Luxuriating in. Unravelling my Shakti to.

And he noticed. I saw him glancing over at me, wondering what will happen if he approaches.

I was bathing in the feeling of luxury...admiring the marble that stretched to the ceiling like sails, feeling the warm breeze breathe and trace my skin, watching as couples and families interacted by the infinity pool.

I was sipping a beautiful, foamy coffee, and feeling so sexy with all the embodied beauty of God.

He disappeared from his vantage point, and then reappeared from behind me, strolling in with the usual questions. Where am I from, what am I doing here.

As I met his eyes and allowed his interaction, he made himself comfortable on the low marble wall where I had my feet propped up.

He told me about a house he owns in another luxurious community, and explained why he doesn't like it. He continued to tell me about his jet-setting life from Italy, and I turned my gaze back to the scene that was exciting, sexy and luxurious just moments ago.

I looked out at the pool, and saw only boring, regular...stuff. I felt into the manicured gardens, and the expansive architecture, and sensed only regular, mundane normalcy.

What was exciting my Shakti only moments ago, was now dead and joyless. Normal. Regular. Boring. Flat.

I knew this energy wasn't mine.
I was tapping into his field, connecting with his perception.
I was looking through his eyes.

Our interaction dwindled, and he excused himself.

I was left with Deep Gratitude.

He had taught me, shown me, the infinite power of Perspective, always at play.

And more subtly, the One Great Money Lesson.
Luxury and comfort in itself is never Enough.

It is like receiving Life into our body-vessel...and then feeling stagnation.
It is receiving Money...and then feeling like there is still a lot missing.
So what can one do?

It is in seeing God at play, arranged into the particles of 3D beauty, expressed as the silent breeze and the rustle of the blessed palm trees, that Wealth is accessed and enjoyed.

He was bored with it.
And he may also feel similarly in other locations.

And I was left with yet another pearl.
Washed up on my shores from the Infinite Sea of Wisdom.

Look with the eyes of God.
They're often playful.

Feel with the Presence of Shakti.
It's often titillated and overflowing.

If you ever feel bored...
Remember the Universe.

And the One Great Money Lesson?

Receive God's Wealth before you can enjoy 3D luxury.

The atoms which you are borrowing have known this from the Beginning.
And you have always Deserved this.

The pure wealth of existence.

The multiplicity of forms, amongst which we often get to choose, and place ourselves, give ourselves the perspective, which can gush and enhance the Satisfaction of Life.

I was left with a deep appreciation for my capacity to access Deep Joy and Quivering Satisfaction. I saw that the scene was indeed simple...just another reel of Life.

And still...I felt soooo gooood in it.

What can we use *right now* to overfill the Heart-Chalice?

How can we align with the Wealth of God, which is beyond and always Enough?
How can we allow its expression into the form of our life?
How can we Receive, that which is always available?

What are you up to today?
I'd love to celebrate it with you.

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