7 Steps to Access Your Inner Child -- A Shamanic Journey for Healing and Guidance

After a long day, I felt like giving myself a luxurious experience.

A hot bath.
Fresh vibrant rose petals.
Bath salts.
Beeswax candles.

And still, as the water turned from hot to warm, and as the candles dripped wax onto their plates, I didn’t feel as relaxed as I had wanted to feel.

inner child.png

I still had questions and feelings circulating around my mind and heart, and there were still pangs of sadness, accumulated from the day, swirling around me amongst the rose petals.

If this beautiful bathtub experience cannot soothe my heart, what can? I asked, closing my eyes.

That’s when I was transported there.
My favorite childhood place.
A field of yellow flowers, the stems sour when you pinch them off and taste.
I love this place.

I walked through it, and up a staircase that I knew leads to my old apartment building. I was standing across the road from it, looking at the place where so many memories transpired, when I saw her.

She came directly to me, and took my hand. I was pleasantly surprised.

We crossed the road together, and she led me upstairs. We sat down comfortably in the hallway, me sitting as a parent, protecting and supporting, and she playing with something in her lap, absorbed.

The questions that I asked her that night, and what she showed me, left me in awe and gratitude.

When I came back to the rose-petal bathtub, I had finally received the deep relaxation that I had come for in the first place.

Since that bath night, I’ve gone to meet her several more times.
No hot water, no candles.
Just knowing that she is always there for me.

And today, I want to share with you how you can create this kind of experience for yourself.

How to access your inner child for healing and guidance:
Simple steps to create your own shamanic journey.

Step 1:
Give yourself some space and time where you can have at least 20 minutes to yourself. More is better, as you don’t know how long you will want to stay in the experience you are about to have. Get comfortable, perhaps reclining, though don’t fall asleep.

Step 2:
Recall a favorite childhood place. A meeting-place of sorts, where you know that your inner child loves to frequent. Perhaps it is your old bedroom, or maybe a place in nature that you used to love. Recall it with as many of your senses as you can -- what does it look like? What are you hearing? Can you feel the breeze on your skin? Are there any scents in the air? Draw yourself in, and take a moment to enjoy where you are.

Step 3:
Call your younger self, inviting them to join you. Give yourself a moment, and look around the place to see, or feel as they approach.

Your gifts in this space may not necessarily be visual -- perhaps you will just feel a presence, or perhaps you will hear certain things. Allow whatever happens to unfold, and just enjoy the process. There is no “right way” to do this.

Step 4:
Let your younger self guide you. Perhaps you will go on a walk together, or perhaps you will visit some place that is important to them. Or maybe you will sit down together in a place that feels good. Just greet them, and tell them why you are there. Why did you come? What are you here to understand, ask or receive?

Step 5:
Begin your conversation. Be present to what your younger self is saying, or how they are acting. This is the same experience as when we are speaking with a person in this reality -- we listen, we feel into the conversation between the words, and we observe body language.

You may see and feel yourself as a loving parent, blessed to have time with this child. How would you hold yourself? How deeply would you listen?

Perhaps your younger self wants to show you something, or remind you of something that you used to love and hold dear. Allow them to lead you, and ask anything that you need to ask. You may recall details that you have long forgotten, and see objects or activities that you haven’t thought about in a long time.

Don’t hold back any questions -- your inner child has a wisdom and penetrating insight beyond the veil of beliefs and wounds that we accumulate as adults.
Spend as much time here as you want.

Step 6:
Thank your inner child for this conversation. Say or experience a goodbye in any way you wish. Perhaps you want to make an agreement with your inner child for certain treatment, or listening, that you will now be sensitive to after this interaction. Or perhaps you let them know that you will be back.

Step 7:
Emerge from this shamanic journey of meeting your inner child, and come back into the present moment and your body. You may wish to journal about your experiences and insights, to preserve what you have received.

That’s it. Now you have the tools to create your own shamanic journey experience, and meet the wisdom and insight that is held in the being of your inner child. Use this resource as often as you need. You have all the answers and healing inside of you.

A word of caution:
This experience can feel very intense, especially depending on your childhood and life thereafter. Be gentle with yourself and whatever emotions and realizations come up. I recommend entering this space more than once to fully work with what you find there.

Happy journeying.

Anna LozaComment