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your heart knows.
Are you on the brink of a rebirth?

do you want to
activate your Soul Path,
deepen your fulfillment and
align with purpose and meaning?

are you ready for
more freedom, excitement and joy?
are you ready to live your best life?

if you want to live a life
aligned with your soul path
and heart's calling,
i'm here to support you

You have a unique purpose in this universe,
a magnificent life that is yours for the living,
and you deserve to claim your birthright.

right now, Your life is "pretty good", and still…

Your heart feels unfulfilled, and you may feel fear or shame in admitting that

You feel bored, numb, or that "maybe, this is as good as it gets"

You're unsure of what Activating your Soul Path looks or feels like

You feel like your soul is dimmed, unlit, unexcited

You feel stuck, unsure, and unable to make important choices

You’re playing small, struggling, and are afraid of your authentic power.

You’re blocked by fear, feeling like you're not enough, not really worthy, and wondering what's next

You're wondering if you're even capable of shifting all of this 

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I've designed this for you

1:1 Soul Path Activation
A 1-month guided journey to ignite your heart and soul

if you want to:

Uncover a life of deep fullfilment

Choose and create a life of heart and soul embodiment

Rebirth into your best life

Wield and cultivate your personal power

Sharpen your intuition for daily guidance

Feel stoked, enlivened and inspired

Align with your Soul's Path and Highest Creative Expression

Elevate your life and live authentically

Deeply embody life-force, vitality and joy

Share your unique self with the world to evolve society and humanity

all of this is your birthright!

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Hi Beloved, I’m Anna Loza.

I’m an intuitive and passionate Soul Path coach who believes that your best life is your birthright. I know that everything that you want is within your reach, and I have the tools and experience to help you see that become a reality.

This means that a life aligned with your dreams is not only possible, it’s achievable in your near future. It means that contentment and joy are within your reach, and everything that holds you back can be melted away and moved through. You have always been capable of this.

I get really excited to hear you speak from your heart, and I feel so honored to listen to your life journey. I instantly feel and see opportunities that are already open to you, actions that will move you forward, perspectives that will shift your reality into soul-alignment, even when the way forward seems dark and unknown to you. When you share your dreams with me, I see your innate truth, and I feel the keys and tools that will unlock your next best steps.

With the right tools at the right time,
You will

step into alignment with
your Highest and Greatest Good.

You deserve to live your own best life!
This is an exciting journey that you get to take.

root into soul
Align with Heart

The world needs you living your best life.

By claiming your birthright of a magnificent, joyful life,

You bring great benefit to us all.

In 1:1 Soul Path Activation
we’re going to activate your heart and soul

so that you live a life of fulfillment, ease and joy

Are you ready?

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Here’s what you receive:

The 1:1 Soul Path Activation 1-Month journey gives you:

+Four 60-minute Soul Path Activation sessions (one per week)

+Unique-to-you homeplay to powerfully align with your Highest Self

+ Effective facilitation for sustainable transformation and Soul embodiment

+Direct access to me via email and my personal phone number, for support between sessions


A Year By Design
+ A 3-day program designed for clarity, energetic freedom
and longterm success (Value: $55)

+ Your Magnificent Life bundle which includes a Heart Empowerment meditation
for unshakable daily alignment (Value: $22)

Your investment in the
1:1 Soul Path Activation
1-month bundle Is $597

Or two payments of $299

Let's start with a 30-minute conversation, for free
I want to get to know you first

What others are saying:

“i felt cherished and activated!”

Anna gazes lovingly into your heart and sees you as the radiant divine being that you are.

One of her super powers is being able to "hear", the language of your words, your body, your heart and your essence 

In her tender and compassionate guidance, she can navigate challenging terrain with you, to find answers and solutions to obstacles in your path. 

Cherished and activated, is how I felt throughout our session and afterwards. I have yet to experience anything like my time with Anna.

She is changing the world with her unique ability to live from her heart and to help others do the same. I know my life will never be the same in the most magnificent way.

Nicole Ferguson | adventureferguson.blogspot.com

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“I got the confidence I needed to continue down my own path!”

Anna's  journey inspired me to connect with her. Our chat was so natural, so comforting. She gave me the space to share where I'm coming from and where I'm going.

What came out of our conversation was the confidence I needed to continue down my own path. She gave me the reassurance that every little step I was taking should be regarded with greater value.

Anna was warm, supportive, and enlightening. A true healer.

Anisha Madzounian


“I am so grateful to be able to move forward!”

Anna made me truly realize the level of frustration I have.

I see now that I feel so much inward light -- I need to honor myself and make a huge shift!

I am so grateful to be able to move forward.

Darlene D Thomas | Lotus Moon Healing

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“I received immediate resources for growth and expansion in the moment!”

I came upon Anna when I was receptive to change in my life. My experience left me with immediate resources for growth and expansion in the moment as well as assisting with the setting of short and long term goals.

Anna was receptive, non-judgemental, encouraging as well as sharp, directed and focused.

If you are seeking assistance with setting goals, moving forward in your life's path, understanding yourself and your personal needs better, I highly recommend Anna.

Joy Pryor

testimonial (1).png

“I felt a return to my truth!”

You are fiercely kind. This fierce kindness stood by me through our session.

I feel calmer this morning. I cannot thank you enough for this.

The simplicity and groundedness with which you facilitate journeys for others - is just what each and everyone of us need. You return us back to our truth while holding space in fierce kindness.

You offer practical tools right away - these are purposeful and intentional - I am already using them.

I highly recommend Anna if you are seeking to move within to your truth.

Megha Venketasamy | www.meghavenketasamy.com

all the details:

+ Four transformational sessions

+ Unlimited support via email and Whats App

+ A rebirth into your next chapter, facilitated with love and support

+ One month of anchoring and grounding your Soul Path and heart expression

+ BONUS access to both A Year by Design + Your Magnificent Life
for extra clarity and all the tools

Schedule a free discovery call by clicking below


Q: Why is your pricing so reasonable?
A: I believe in supporting you, and facilitating your authentic soul path activation. I believe that grounded and effective guidance is for everyone. That is also why I have some scholarships available in special situations. Please inquire about this by emailing me at smile@annaloza.com

Q: How do we meet? How does this work?
A: Sessions are held over Skype, so it's not necessary to meet in person. The energy is still the same. I can also call you directly on your phone, if you are within the USA and Canada.

Q: I've worked with a coach before, and it didn't really stick. How are you different?
A: That's a great question. The way I connect with you is intuitive, and unique. There is no "system", so our work together is highly specific to you, as well as your life and energetic situation, and your unique personal intentions. By offering simple and effective practices, along with intuitive healing and deep listening, many sustainable and authentic shifts become possible.

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Hi Beloved,
I'm Anna.

I believe that you living your best life matters. And that no matter how life is today, a deeper experience of Love and Joy is always within your reach. I know that life is a journey of many cycles of rebirth, and that you may be on the cusp of one right now. I'm here to support your needs, desires, and soul alignment. You are not alone in wanting to reconnect with your soul. You are not alone in wanting to live from your heart. A shift really is possible for you, all within your unique situation. My deepest passion is to support you and to see you step ever-deeper into your magnificence.
It really is your birthright.

I'm here for you.
With so much Love,


I believe in the infinite capacities of the inspired Soul