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I support you in owning your life, and unapologetically going after your dreams.

No, it’s not selfish.

and It's time.

You deserve the best life that you can create for yourself.

Unplug from collective consciousness,
and see yourself as completely capable.

Shake off the restrictive instructions
that have been playing in your system,

And uproot the agreements that have
bound your wrists together for too long.

There is no-one holding you back, but yourself.


And that’s a good thing.

Because YOU are your own master.

And I help you fully step into that.

I have changed my life countless numbers of times.

Most prominently, when I stepped onto the path that I am living today.

I unplugged from society’s approval,

From my parent’s applause,

And from my partner’s expectations.

After months of praying for courage, strength, and cultivating my personal power.

I just dropped it.

In the end, the Call of the Soul could not be resisted

That is what I am here for

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It's so common to have agreements and expectations that you are playing into,

To think that there are people who need you to stay the same,

That too much change, success, or a better life will be selfish. Or even scary.

Underneath the surface,
You think you can’t have it all,

You don’t deserve to live that way,

You’re doing fine, anyways, so why risk it?

I’m here to tell you that you deserve to take that next step.

You deserve to, and you are worthy of it.

And this life is YOURS, no-one else’s.

You are living a covenant between you and Spirit,
between you and eternal Father/Mother God.

There is no way that you were created for smallness,
and for pleasing the status quo of culture, your family,
or even your own smaller perspective.

It’s time to drop the toys of infancy,
and walk forward into the luxe abode of your Heart + Soul.

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I’m here to help you cut through all the excuses.
All the ways your trained mind tells you
“well, no, it’s not right to do that...”
I’m here to hold you as you just SHOW UP.

Because I see you.

I see the Light in you that never died, and never quit, and never agreed to anything other than greatness and Grace.

You may think it’s selfish to follow
your own Soul Path so deeply.

You may think the world doesn’t
have the room for you,

Or that there are not enough resources
for you to make it happen.

You may think that you will be hated, abandoned or even killed for going forward.

Feel that.


And walk on.
I am walking with you.

Whatever vow you need to dismantle and shatter,
Whatever shackle you need to unlock and melt down,
You can.

It’s as simple as that.

An agreement in your daily family life.
A life choice that’s leaving you drained.
A place you’re living that doesn’t light you up.
A dream you’ve tucked too far away.

It’s time.

And the funny thing is, you stepping out, no matter what,
is one of the greatest tricks.

It seems selfish, it seems scary.
And the thing is, it LIBERATES your brothers and sisters.

You melting your shackles stokes the fire
to melt the chains of so many other hearts.

You slicing through outdated vows
sharpens the Sword of Wisdom to be used by so many others.

It’s time.

Walk your own path.
Rediscover your deep Power.
Just do it.

And in doing so, you liberate so many others.

It’s time.

You’re ready.
This is it.

This is a highly unique 12-week experience.

You emerge empowered, aligned, activated.
Owning your Power and Freedom.

Your life blossoms, because YOU blossom.
Your dreams are vibrant, clear and alive because you have chosen them.
You are calm, steady and graceful.
You are joyous, vital and energetic.
Because that is who you are.
And six weeks from now, you will live this truth.

In each 60-minute 1:1 session we go deep. Together.
And unearth all the jewels of your essence.
We will use sacred activations, we will move energy,
and we will tap into the depths of Divine Truth.

You will do the work, with me by your side.
It’s time.

Through a potent combination of body-based techniques, grounded spiritual practices, and intuitive healing insight, you will be fully supported into claiming your Soul's unique path and expression.
You deserve ease, freedom, and to deeply know your power.
Is that what you want?

If you want to enhance & experience:

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then this is for you.

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You were born for joy, and for a luscious life.
A life of living YOUR Path, YOUR story, and YOUR choices.

And you were not trained for this.
In fact, society has trained us in the other direction.

And now, it’s time.
To live your birthright.
And liberate our brothers and sisters, in turn.

This is for you.

Your sacred exchange for
this 12-week journey is $1,800

Start with a conversation to elucidate your goals, learn some of the basic techniques that we will use to facilitate your transformation, and see whether we're a match for this experience.

My greatest priority is your growth and transformation.
I offer you this opportunity from the depths of my heart.

There’s no more playing small.
There’s no more going halfway.
And there’s no more doing it quietly.

This is between you and God-Spirit now.
And your Path is lit with Sacred Fire.
You cannot miss the Way.
It’s time.

what you receive:

+ 12 one-hour sessions

+ Email and voice support in between meetings as needed

+ Lifetime tools and the confidence to use them

+ A shedding of your limiting patterns and beliefs

+ Step into wealth, success and your Divine birthright

+ Embody freedom, confidence and your purpose on this planet

BONUS 1: Up to three books, as appropriate for your journey, delivered right to your mailbox

BONUS 2: Your Magnificent Life bundle

+ BONUS 3: Access to any content I create during our time together

What others are saying:

“my life will never be the same!”

Anna gazes lovingly into your heart and sees you as the radiant divine being that you are. One of her super powers is being able to "hear", the language of your words, your body, your heart and your essence 

In her tender and compassionate guidance, she can navigate challenging terrain with you, to find answers and solutions to obstacles in your path. 

Cherished and activated, is how I felt throughout our session and afterwards. I have yet to experience anything like my time with Anna.

She is changing the world with her unique ability to live from her heart and to help others do the same. I know my life will never be the same in the most magnificent way.

Nicole Ferguson | adventureferguson.blogspot.com

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I was completely blown away by the session, I could not believe what she was able to do. Her energy is so calm and supportive, firm and gentle. She made me feel safe to face some of my deepest pains, pains I've had for decades and have NEVER shared with another practitioner, and gave me the space to sit with them and release them.

It was one of the most healing experiences of my life.

I absolutely cannot recommend Anna's work too strongly. Especially for people struggling with depression or trauma. If I'd found her years ago, I would have been saved so much pain and struggle.

If you're here, considering working with Anna: take the plunge.

Zack Shay | zackshay.com

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I usually need some time to trust a person. As Anna and I started talking I felt acceptance on her side so I could totally relax and be honest.

Anna did a remarkable job of guiding me by voicing my issues and gently leading me through the process. It was more like a relief for me...to be able to let go and trust her. I felt safe.

I could really feel the energy moving through my body and it felt right. It made me really happy and grateful. I felt empowered, hopeful and more in charge of my life after the session.

Barchi Fojkar | www.barchiandchocolate.com


Q: How do we meet?
A: Sessions are held over Skype or Zoom, so it's not necessary to meet in person.

Q: Is there a payment plan?
A: Definitely. We can discuss your needs and options during our call together.

Q: I've worked with a coach before, and it didn't really stick. How are you different?
A: That's a great question. Our work will emphasize body-based techniques that create deeper and more grounded shifts than "talk therapy" alone. With the intuitive guidance and reflection that I provide you, deep transformation is accessible, and your best life is brought in.

During our free call together, I'll show you some of the techniques we'll use, and you can ask me any questions that you have.

Q: What can we address in these sessions?
A: That's up to you! What are your greatest challenges right now? What do you want to experience in your life in the near future? What do you think is out of your reach? How would it feel to bring that into reality? In general, people come to me when they want to increase their flow of wealth and money, bring their best self to their business and creative pursuits, release fears, guilt and shame in their life and around parenting specifically, and when there are unresolved traumas under the surface.

By combining body-based techniques with Intuitive insight and grounded spiritual practices, fantastic energetic shifts and clarity are possible. This is applicable to any part of your life. You are the Master.

The best way to know what's possible for you is to get on a free call with me, and discover your opportunities together.

Q: Do you have a refund policy or guarantee?
A: Serving your highest good is my greatest priority. If at any time during our journey together you feel that something is no longer in alignment for you, you have two options: You can pause any future sessions, and come back to complete them within a maximum of 6 months. Also, if you would like to discontinue our work together, I will refund you a pro-rated amount for every session of the 12 which you have yet to use. You must request this at least 24 hours before an upcoming session, and you will receive the full pro-rated amount. NOTE: I will ask you for feedback and clarity as to the situation, so that I may provide better service in the future. I always want to improve what I offer you.

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Hi Beloved,
I'm Anna.

I believe that you living your best life matters. And that no matter how life is today, a deeper experience of Love and Joy is always within your reach.

I know that life is a journey of many cycles of rebirth, and that you may be on the cusp of one right now. I'm here to support your needs, desires, and soul alignment.
You are not alone in wanting to live a better life. You are fully supported here.

A shift really is possible for you, all within your unique situation.

My deepest passion is to support you and to see you step ever-deeper into your magnificence.
This is your birthright.

I'm here for you.
With so much Love,


I believe in the infinite capacities of the inspired Soul