tribal loyalty Ancestral Karma

Your deepest ancestral challenge has to do with Following the Crowd and People-Pleasing.

You may be in touch with your own set of unique dreams and visions -- though somewhere along the line you learned that by sticking with the status quo is one of the safer ways to live.

This may show up as fear to step out and speak our own truth, be bold in your choices, or feeling anxiety about making unconventional life decisions.

This is a very common ancestral karma for humanity, as the tribe and staying loyal to it was how we survived for thousands of generations.

However, the time has come for you to shine your own unique light -- and the best part is that this time, in this lifetime, you are TOTALLY SUPPORTED in doing so! This is the best time to be alive for visionaries, creators and healers of all kinds!

This ancestral karma usually gets taught to us by our family or origin and our primary caretakers, as they try to protect us and secure the best life possible for us. Many times, the people teaching us to follow a specific direction have already let go of their own dreams, and have thus "learned" that dreams don't come true.

These caretakers are now passing on what they think is a good lesson, though they may usually be very strong in making sure that the child learns this. You may have not been supported in following artistic pursuits as a child, or you may have been given only several options for the type of work you will do once you reach adulthood. Your dreams and creative pursuits may not have been supported, or at least not fully believed in as a money-making and self-supporting possibility.

It's time to seal these ancestral wounds, and step into the life that your Soul has come to this planet for.

The good news is that there are many souls waking up to their unique mission now all over the planet, and that you are fully capable of joining those ranks!

You have a unique perspective, story and set of ideas that only you are bringing.
What are they?

Would you like to start to carve your own path in this world?

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In order to start the process of sealing this Ancestral Karma, you need the bravery to see it.

And you have already demonstrated that by saying YES to receiving this transmission. Great!

The flip-side of Tribal Loyalty is Liberty & Living on Purpose

To start living on purpose, and to begin transmuting this ancestral karma:

  • Make a list of 22 things that bring you Joy. Don't censor yourself at all, even if it sounds silly. Be it a color, a sensation, a certain type of weather, a location on earth, an activity, a certain dream coming into reality -- anything! Mark off at least FIVE things from this list that you can bring into your DAY, and another THREE things that you can bring into your life within the next WEEK. Perhaps being surrounded by more plants brings you joy -- how can you give that to yourself? Perhaps you need to call someone, or make a reservation for a certain restaurant, or a trip. Living on purpose in about following the Soul and its promptings.

  • What can you let go of in your day, or in your schedule, that will give you more time for what you LOVE? Perhaps it's time to hire a house cleaner; or maybe you can rearrange the time you spend watching Netflix or scrolling social media. Perhaps you can let go of time with that person who you don't really like, anyway. Give yourself permission to be brutally honest with yourself here -- and carve our some more time to live life as you want. You totally and fully deserve it.

  • Picture yourself 6 months from dying -- if you knew this is all the time you have left, NOW, what would you do? Where would you go? Who would you go WITH? This is a crucial question to ask on a regular basis, and truly trust the answers that come. Again, identify what you can bring into your life TODAY (calling that person?), and over the next week and month.

  • Get real with yourself. Are you working the job you love? How would you work (OR bring value to the world) if you could do ANYTHING? What's stopping you from making headway in that direction? YOU are needed. With all your genius and creativity. WHAT can you do to bring more of that into reality, for the good of ALL? Identify the NEXT SINGLE action step you can take in order to move closer to that.

  • MANTRA: My life is my own. I CHERISH and VALUE my uniqueness. I am important. Put this mantra in your workspace, or somewhere where you will see it often.

This is a taste to get your FIRE LIT!

Can you feel your desire to alchemize this karma once and for all?
You have the opportunity to do that in this lifetime.

SO much Ancestral Alchemy is possible!

Does this work excite you?

Can you feel the potential here?

To Seal the Wounds of Ancestral Karma is an exciting work that we GET to do in our lifetime!

Imagine being the first in your family to LIVE that dream, to HAVE that level of abundance, to EXPERIENCE pleasure, prosperity and power in a way that your parents and ancestors have only spoken about? By sealing the wounds of ancestral karma, we get to step into the life of our highest intentions. We get to do the joyous work of saving OURSELF, and stepping into all that we have wanted for ourselves and humanity.

We get to BE THE ONE who changes these patterns once and for all!
And I'm here to tell you, that this is totally possible, and is actually a joyous process.

Are you willing to BE THE ONE? The one who transforms your lineage, your story-lines, and gets to be the first in your family-line to live an even MORE abundant, empowered, and compassionate life?

You deserve this. Our children deserve this. Let's rise together!

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