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Learn Tapping - EFT

Have you been curious about Tapping and EFT, but don't know where to start?
Have you heard of this technique and wonder what it can do for you?
Do you want to learn it for yourself and access emotional freedom like never before?

Start with a free 45-minute session to learn the basics

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"I uncovered things I had not consciously realized!"

Before working with Anna, honestly, I was a bit skeptical. Tapping seemed a little far fetched. Boy was I wrong!

During my session, Anna guided me, and not only was I able to physically feel my body reacting to the emotions/thoughts, I was able to uncover things I had not consciously realized yet.

I left the session feeling fulfilled and hopeful about what further sessions could unearth.

Laura Cardaropoli

This is for you, if you want to:

+ Effectively access and clear your own subconscious beliefs

+ Experience a newfound clarity, inspiration and heightened energy

+ Dismantle and breakthrough blocks that may have been active for years

+ Gain a newfound clarity around lifelong patterns

+ Go beyond the logical mind and deeper than "talk therapy"

+ Easily "sit with" challenging emotions

+ Move through pain, grief and resistance

+ Breathe easier

+ Feel more grounded, excited and alive!

The breakthroughs are consistently remarkable

Receive the skills and knowledge to use this tool for yourself, for the rest of your life, and be facilitated in an intuitive and kind space to go deeper into your own marvelous self. Emerge renewed and fresh, lighter and so much more free.

Over the course of three hours together, spaced over several weeks as you choose, you will gain self-mastery in the Tapping technique, as well as receive several other potent healing tools to use in combination for great effect.

Access your inner Healer, and unearth your Power for Freedom.
This is at your fingertips now.

how it works:

This is a series of three sessions

+ You will master the essential Tapping technique

+ We will dive deep into your personal and most pertinent challenges

+ You will learn potent add-ons to potentiate deeper healing

+ Discover unique Tapping scripts and advanced methods

+ Gain effective life-long healing tools

+ Sessions are on your schedule,
with email support in between, as required

Your investment in
these three potent sessions
is just $449

After processing your payment,
you will be taken to book your best time

what others are saying:

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"It was one of the most healing experiences of my life."

I was completely blown away by the session, I could not believe what she was able to do. Her energy is so calm and supportive, firm and gentle. She made me feel safe to face some of my deepest pains, pains I've had for decades and have NEVER shared with another practitioner, and gave me the space to sit with them and release them.

It was one of the most healing experiences of my life.

I absolutely cannot recommend Anna's work too strongly. Especially for people struggling with depression or trauma. If I'd found her years ago, I would have been saved so much pain and struggle.

If you're here, considering working with Anna: take the plunge.

Zack Shay | zackshay.com

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I was in the middle of a massive writers block — I just couldn’t find the words to connect with what my heart wanted to say. It was so frustrating! I had never tried Tapping before, but I was excited to get to the root of my block. I felt completely comfortable opening up to Anna as she guided me through the session. She also intuitively picked up where my actual block was coming from, and once we tapped through that, I felt like a weight was lifted off my chest.

After our session, I knocked out over 10k of the most heart-felt words I’ve ever written. I’m now a true believer in the power of Tapping and couldn’t recommend Anna enough!

Brianna Berner | www.spikedparenting.com

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I usually need some time to trust a person. As Anna and I started talking I felt acceptance on her side so I could totally relax and be honest.

Anna did a remarkable job of guiding me by voicing my issues and gently leading me through the process. It was more like a relief for me...to be able to let go and trust her. I felt safe.

I could really feel the energy moving through my body and it felt right. It made me really happy and grateful. I felt empowered, hopeful and more in charge of my life after the session.

Barchi Fojkar | www.barchiandchocolate.com

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Hi Beloved,
I'm Anna.

I believe that you living your best life matters. And that no matter how life is today, a deeper experience of Love and Joy is always within your reach. I know that life is a journey of many cycles of rebirth, and that you may be on the cusp of one right now.

I'm here to support your needs, desires, and soul alignment. You are not alone in wanting to reconnect with your soul. You are not alone in wanting to live from your heart. A shift really is possible for you, all within your unique situation.

My deepest passion is to support you and to see you step ever-deeper into your magnificence.
It really is your birthright.

I'm here for you.
With so much Love,