Shame, Guilt & Sexuality Ancestral Karma

Your deepest ancestral challenge has to do with Expressing your Sexual and Erotic Essence.

You may feel shame around the natural desires and functions of your body, including the way your body is perceived or judged by the external world. You may feel shy or guilty when it comes to requesting what you want, whether it be with a lover or out in the general world.

Our sexual nature is an all-pervasive force, and our ability to express it usually manifests in many areas of our life -- even ones we may not immediately recognize as having anything to do with sexuality.

When we are shamed about our natural and innocent desire-nature as children, we learn to repress our needs and wants, and we also learn that our body is not to be fully loved or trusted. Can you see how this can relate to our life at large?

When we are expressing the ancestral karma of Guilt, Shame and Sexuality, we are carrying the wounds and instructions of our caretakers and ancestors, and are usually not living our best and most pleasurable life.

Have you ever been told that you look indecent? Have you ever gone against your own wishes with a lover, saying Yes when you wanted to say No? Have you ever been shamed for expressing sexual curiosity or pleasure as a child? These are just a few ways that the ancestral karma of sexual repression and guilt gets seeded in our system.

This is a common thing in the human race at the moment, so you are not alone!

At this point, humans generally oscillate between hiding, shaming and shunning sexuality, or expressing their natural sexual nature in a brute way, disassociated from Love. The key of pleasure, integration and joy lies right in the golden middle.

You can totally transmute this.
On the other side is more Trust, Freedom, Love and even the most easeful manifestation
of your dreams!

Yes, sexuality is THAT powerful!


In order to start the process of sealing this Ancestral Karma, you need the bravery to see it.

And you have already demonstrated that by saying YES to receiving this transmission. Great!

The flip-side of Shame and Guilt is Divine Presence & Erotic Innocence

To recognize your Erotic Innocence, and to begin transmuting this ancestral karma:

  • Touch your body daily. This does not have to be an erotic experience -- this is just about saying "Hello" to yourself, telling your body that you are present with it, and getting to know some of your own skin again. Squeeze, graze and pinch yourself! Get to know what your different pieces feel like. If this is already part of your daily practice, turn up the juice: Do it in front of the mirror! Combine this with any words and thoughts of self-adoration that you can, and you've the recipe for an electric morning, or a juicy night.

  • Contemplate and Inquire with the part of yourself that is afraid of intimacy, or that feels bored/numb/disinterested in sharing with another. What is at the root of this? When did I learn this? What do I need? Simply asking these questions, in your own words, can often yield incredible revelations. Set the space for some Q&A with yourself: Give yourself some private space, light a candle or diffuse essential oils, place your hands on your heart or your belly, and simply ask yourself to bring forward any important memories. Stay curious. Even if nothing happens the first time, thank yourself for showing up. Come back to this as often as needed to receive more insight and wisdom from your body.

  • Give yourself Space. When discovering why we want to say No, it's important that we never force ourselves into sharing our body until we feel a strong Yes from ourselves. Put the brakes on intimate activities, and give yourself permission to simple be however you want to be. As you practice the inquiry practice above, more and more layer will come to light that will change the way you see yourself.

  • Give yourself Permission! If you've wanted to receive something -- be it a material object, a special food, or a certain kind of experience with a beloved or yourself, DO IT! Give yourself permission to put your own needs first, to enjoy your life, and to ASK for what you truly need.

  • MANTRA: My body is a temple of PLEASURE, and I fully TRUST and LOVE myself. Put this on your bedside or your mirror.

This is a taste to get your FIRE LIT!

Can you feel your desire to alchemize this karma once and for all?
You have the opportunity to do that in this lifetime.

SO much Ancestral Alchemy is possible!

Does this work excite you?

Can you feel the potential here?

To Seal the Wounds of Ancestral Karma is an exciting work that we GET to do in our lifetime!

Imagine being the first in your family to LIVE that dream, to HAVE that level of abundance, to EXPERIENCE pleasure, prosperity and power in a way that your parents and ancestors have only spoken about? By sealing the wounds of ancestral karma, we get to step into the life of our highest intentions. We get to do the joyous work of saving OURSELF, and stepping into all that we have wanted for ourselves and humanity.

We get to BE THE ONE who changes these patterns once and for all!
And I'm here to tell you, that this is totally possible, and is actually a joyous process.

Are you willing to BE THE ONE? The one who transforms your lineage, your story-lines, and gets to be the first in your family-line to live an even MORE abundant, empowered, and compassionate life?

You deserve this. Our children deserve this. Let's rise together!

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