Perfectionist Ancestral Karma

You deepest ancestral challenge is the energy of Perfectionism.

You may have been taught that there is a certain way to do things, and than anything less than this is not sufficient. Your caretakers may have withheld love and approval based on your achievements, and have seeded this ancestral wound in your system in this way.

You may also feel that you cannot express your authentic emotions, specifically sadness, anger, rage, grief or confusion. This kind of behavior is taught from an early age, when a caretaker or parent doesn't allow the child to feel strong emotions.

This ancestral karma is very common in the human race, so you are definitely not alone in this! This particular ancestral karma is continued on by society in the billboards and magazines that we see, the movies and music that we consume, and is upheld by cultural standards that our friends and peers actually keep watch over.

When you start to recognize the perfectionist ancestral karma within yourself, you have already taken some crucial steps to sealing this wound.

On the other side of this is a much more easeful existence. Image accepting yourself deeper, allowing and trusting your loved ones and friends to a much deeper degree, and dropping the masks that you wear in order to show others a perfected face?

You can be your true, authentic self. In fact, that is all you ever have been, anyways.

No matter how much the ancestral karma of perfectionism tries to have you act, underneath it all is your Eternal and True Essence. It's comfortable, peaceful, and leaves you with SO much more energy at the end of the day!

Would you like to step into this on a regular basis?

How would it feel to have so much more energy, because you finally see that you really, truly, don't have to try so hard?

How would it feel to know that you are loved, and are lovely?


In order to start the process of sealing this Ancestral Karma, you need the bravery to see it.

And you have already demonstrated that by saying YES to receiving this transmission. Great!

The flip-side of Perfectionism is Forgiveness & Authentic Self

To embody your authentic self, and to begin transmuting this ancestral karma:

  • Forgive yourself and your family for teaching you that only certain actions, behaviors and achievements are worthy of love. Forgiveness may be a surprising quality to invite when working on perfectionism, though it is critical. Inherent in the perfectionist ancestral wound is judgement -- an assessment of worthiness. The antidote to this is forgiveness, to return the experience into clarity and peace. Practice simply saying "It is OK to be/act/do something this way. I forgive you & me for being/acting/doing it this way". This may be challenging at first, though you may also sense an energetic shift. Practicing this is crucial to sealing this ancestral wound.

  • Give yourself some time off. Take a day where you allow yourself to leave something you would usually "need" to do, like washing the dishes, cleaning something, or upkeeping your personal routine in any way. Just a day. Experience the emotions that come along with just the thought of this. Allow whatever happens. Continue to give yourself permission, and at the same time welcome in love. Practice the Forgiveness piece shared above.

  • See it to release it. Keep an eye out for patterns of Perfectionism in your family, friends and society. There's no need to point them out -- simply register them in your mind, and watch if you agree with what is being said. Just keeping an eye out for behavior patterns initiates their change!

  • Contemplate how "perfection" is man-made construct, and how the "perfection" that we strive for is not a real thing. Contemplate the beauty of nature, and what True Perfection in Divinity is.

  • MANTRA: It is OK to be as I am. It is OK for others to see me like this. Put this on your mirror, or carry it with you throughout the day.

This is a taste to get your FIRE LIT!

Can you feel your desire to alchemize this karma once and for all?
You have the opportunity to do that in this lifetime.

SO much Ancestral Alchemy is possible!

Does this work excite you?

Can you feel the potential here?

To Seal the Wounds of Ancestral Karma is an exciting work that we GET to do in our lifetime!

Imagine being the first in your family to LIVE that dream, to HAVE that level of abundance, to EXPERIENCE pleasure, prosperity and power in a way that your parents and ancestors have only spoken about? By sealing the wounds of ancestral karma, we get to step into the life of our highest intentions. We get to do the joyous work of saving OURSELF, and stepping into all that we have wanted for ourselves and humanity.

We get to BE THE ONE who changes these patterns once and for all!
And I'm here to tell you, that this is totally possible, and is actually a joyous process.

Are you willing to BE THE ONE? The one who transforms your lineage, your story-lines, and gets to be the first in your family-line to live an even MORE abundant, empowered, and compassionate life?

You deserve this. Our children deserve this. Let's rise together!

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