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a 6-week program
to bloom your power and

fulfill your goals in love, business and authenticity

are you ready to
rewire your system, melt the shackles of limiting beliefs,

and ignite your essence?

For women who want to bust through outdated belief systems.
Rewrite their life in alignment with their biggest dreams.
And bloom into their Power to create a life of abundance, creativity, inspiration and impact.

Are you a woman who has big goals, and knows that she wants it all?
Are you ready to do what it takes to fully claim that for yourself?

If so, then this is for you.

Can you sense that in order to fully step into your big goals around Love, Money and Authenticity,
you will need to let go of parts of yourself that are keeping you stuck where you are?

Nothing against those parts. They’ve deeply served their purpose.

And now it’s time to move on.

Do you get a sense that there is a skin that you need to shed?
A rebirth that you are on the cusp of?

If so, keep reading…

Let’s dive into this.

It’s our body that holds all the keys to our freedom.
It is where trauma and limiting beliefs are stored.
Our body is intrinsically intertwined with our subconscious mind,
and it is this system which gives the final go-ahead on any of our logically-crafted dreams.

Want to move your career ahead, and really step out with your message?
Logically, that sounds great.

Though you’ll feel blocked, procrastinate or generally feel stuck
if there are subconscious beliefs around this being mega-unsafe,
or in any way undesirable.

Want to create a passionate, thriving relationship where you
maintain alignment with your Center and consistently choose Love over Fear?

Sounds wonderful.

Though there will be push-back from the body if it doesn’t know what this level of trust feels like.

Want to comfortably speak your truth when the need arises?
Logically, you know that you can do this.

Though you may experience hesitation or fear,
if the subconscious has learned over and over again that this is no good.

Rewiring something that we have almost no touch with can seem daunting.

Though with the techniques and tools that I will show you over these 6 weeks,
you will FEEL the results.
Often immediately.

In order to fulfill your biggest goals in love, business and authenticity,
we MUST do this under-the-hood type of work.

You are capable of this, and I will support and guide you every step of the way.

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Think of it Like This:

Within 6 weeks you harness and activate the somatic wisdom of your body,
To melt some major blocks and activate your innate greatness.

(It can be that simple!)

All while receiving focused intuitive support and supercharging your magnetism.

Here’s the Deal:

These 6 weeks could be all it takes to completely shift your energy,
and move the needle on your biggest goals and dreams.

I’ve gathered all the tools and strategies that have worked for me,
and that continue to be a part of my personal practice Every. Single. Day.

There's another crucial piece to this...

I know you know that you can be better friends with your body.

Let me guess which areas of the body get the worst rap:
I’m going to say between your legs, your breasts, and your actual voice and how you use it.
Ok, so that last one isn’t a body part per se, but you understand what I mean.

Do you get a sense that these taboo and hidden parts of ourselves,
the ones we try to keep “nice” and “neat” and “presentable” and “not too much” one way or another -- are actually where our deep power really lies?

Let me unpack this a second.

The Womb, the Heart, and the Throat are the areas of greatest repression and disease.

You have probably been touched by this in your immediate circle.
We all know someone who has needed medical attention to their female organs,
or their heart, or their thyroid + throat region.

That’s what I’m referring to.
We have bottled up our Power -- though by its essence, it then comes out in other ways.

Stored memories, subconscious beliefs, and limiting thoughts find a place to live in our bodies.
And usually, they go into these three centers.

The Power Centers.

So, what does all this mean for you?

It means that you can change the story.

It means that you have the Power to uncork this stored energy and finally live In Your Essence.

Instead of locking this power away,
ignoring the beliefs and thoughts that took up residence there a long time ago,
you get to melt that all down and live WITH the Power that is innate to you

You get to live In Your Essence.

By intentionally activating your Womb, your Heart and your Throat.
By dismantling and melting the stories and fears that are stored there.

It’s the stuff that prevents your logical and
best-intentioned dreams from manifesting.

It’s the way to fulfill your goals in Love, Business and Authenticity.

And it’s your time to do just that.

Simply put:

You have access to unlock infinite potential and capacity, right now, all within your body.
And with some simple and effective techniques, that get right to the crux of it,
you are capable of making massive leaps in your physical reality.

Everything you want is within your reach, right now.
And it’s not about pushing away your emotions, or ignoring your negative self talk.
You don’t need to cut any part of yourself away,
And you don’t need to pretend that those thoughts aren’t happening.
You have permission to totally just be.

All of you is welcome here.

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This is for you if:

+ You have big dreams and you really want to step into them

+ You know that you’ve got some outdated beliefs to bust through

+ You want to save yourself time, money and effort
by getting right into the techniques that truly work

+ You’re ready to see a massive shift in the way you experience yourself

+ You want to unlock the wisdom in your body

+ You want more ease, joy and excitement in your life

+ You’re ready to let go of all that no longer serves you

+ You want to fulfill your goals in love, business and authenticity

I am so excited to let you know, that In Your Essence is exactly
where these techniques and transformations get put into your hands.

All of this is for you.

You deserve to fulfill your dreams in love, business and authenticity.
You deserve to inhabit your body, and to speak your brilliance.

And it’s all possible.

The shifts and changes that are readily available with this unique combination of techniques
are at your fingertips, now.

Are you ready?
Join me, In Your Essence.

program curriculum

week 1.png


Week 1
rewiring + tapping/eft

+ Opening the energetic container
+ An instruction in Tapping + advanced techniques
+ Digging up and rewiring old programming

Guided Initiation

Cord-cutting + Soul alignment

week 2.png

Week 2
money + Abundance

+ Womb + Hara deep dive
+ The energetic anatomy of this center
+ Forgiveness + Compassion
+ Identifying your greatest Desires
+ Creativity, massage + the jade egg

Guided Initiation

Depths + Shadow work

week 3.png

Week 3
love + relationship

+ Heart deep dive
+ The energetic anatomy of this center
+ Clearing old wounds
+ Heart coherence
+ Posture + Breast massage

Guided Initiation

Channeling Higher Consciousness

week 4.png

Week 4
authentic expression + speaking your truth

+ Throat deep dive
+ The energetic anatomy of this center
+ Sacred practices for opening the throat
+ Identifying + speaking your truth
+ Our children and future generations
+ Throat massage

Guided Initiation

Confidently speaking your Truth

week 5.png

Week 5
sacred trinity embodied

+ Combining the Womb, the Heart and the Throat
+ Activating the Sacred Trinity
+ Identifying + clearing blocks
+ Family relationships + service
+ The Womb-Heart-Throat connection in Sovereign Living
+ Magnetism, Prosperity and Abundance

 Guided Initiation

Unconditional Love

week 6.png

Week 6
sovereign living + your new reality

+ Integration
+ Opening to the rest of your life
+ Living in the modern world
+ How to stay in your Power during challenging times
+ Navigating triggers and emotional storms

Guided Initiation

Your Activated Power Centers

bonus week.png


BONUS Week 7

60-minute LIVE Q+A session in a private Facebook group, for integration + implementation.


Sacred Self Invitation

A highly activating experience,
to be revealed within the group.

plus these three Bonuses!

A private one-hour session with me
(Value: $150)

I know how important it is to have personal support focused specifically on your needs.
Here is what people say about private sessions with me:

testimonial (12).png
Before working with Anna I felt stuck in my perfectionism and couldn’t get myself out of the rut to get started and moving in the right direction. 
During our session Anna immediately made me feel safe and seen and heard.  
After working with Anna I found myself smiling, feeling lighter and freer. I felt calmer and optimistic about how I plan to go forward, while honoring exactly where I am right now.
Kim Littman | Institute of Integrative Nutrition

Unlock your first Guided Initiation upon registration
(Value: priceless)

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Access your Power as soon as you Join.

Cultivate your Soul Connection, and align your energy with the evolution that is to come over the next 6+ weeks.

Receive a physical copy of
“Prayers to the Seven Sacred Flames”
in your mailbox
(value: $11)

Copy of bonus 2.png



A booklet of activations and payers to uplevel your alignment.
I know you will highly benefit from this.

Something physical to hold in your hands

You receive

+ Six weeks of focused support + downloadable content

+ A bonus week of LIVE Q&A

+ Lifetime tools and sacred practices

+ A private 1:1 session with me

+ A private Facebook community

+ Bonus audio transmission

+ A physical item in the mail

+ Lifetime access to the content

After these 6 weeks together

You will feel confident in using these techniques for the rest of your life,
peeling the layers of healing ever-deeper.

You will be living in a body re-awakened, and a spirit re-ignited.

Several months out, you will feel like a different person.

You will be inhabiting Your Essence so much deeper.

You will be seeing the physical-world results that happen when you do this work.

You will be meeting your goals in love, business and authenticity.

You will likely feel very passionate about the tools and practices that you learned,
and want to share them with family or friends.

It’s very common for me to hear that people who have learned these techniques
go on to teach their close ones, and share the ease that is so readily available to us.

You will know yourself to be Powerful, Capable and Inspired.

how it works:

When you join today, you will receive access to our Student Portal,
where you will find your first Bonus content.

You will also be sent your second Bonus in the mail.

During the course, you will receive a weekly email inviting you to participate LIVE in each class,
and another to alert you that the recording of the class is up and available in the Student Portal.

You can communicate with me via email to get any questions answered,
and also join me LIVE during our BONUS week 7.

When we begin June 1st, you will receive an invitation to join
our private In Your Essence Facebook community.

what makes in your essence different

Many body-based approaches focus on the womb, or the heart, or the throat individually.
In Your Essence brings all three of your Power Centers together for a holistic and deep activation of your sacred system. In addition to this big-picture perspective, In Your Essence is based on the belief that clearing subconscious beliefs and outdated thought patterns quickly and efficiently brings you into contact with your life goals. By utilizing the tool of Tapping in conjunction with other somatic practices, you receive a full-spectrum toolkit that addresses your whole being and produces tangible shifts.

The value

Seven 1:1 sessions with me is currently $1,050
Throughout In Your Essence, we are together for 10+ hours.

PLUS you receive a BONUS 1:1 session with me.

That’s a total value of $1,200!

You get my personalized intuitive support and open Heart
focused directly on you and your needs for a fraction of the cost
of working together in any other fashion.

Additionally, you get lifetime access to In Your Essence,
and all future upgrades I make to the program.
Future sessions will likely be offered at a higher price,
so by joining today you secure unlimited access.

Are you ready?
This is for you

enroll today with a one-time payment

or two simple payments

enrollment ends Monday, May 28th, at 11:59pm EST


"I now feel empowered to create the life of my dreams!"

Anna was the perfect guide into the powerful portal of tapping, and I can now say I have a clear understanding of tapping as a self-care tool, and how to use it. It was so helpful to have a live, personal connection with an expert like Anna, who was fully present and invested in my process.

I now feel less anxiety around recognizing, addressing, and releasing my past, and even more empowered to create the life of my dreams! THANK YOU Anna!


testimonial (10).png

"I now feel empowered, hopeful and more in charge of my life!"

I usually need some time to trust a person. As Anna and I started talking I felt acceptance on her side so I could totally relax and be honest.

Anna did a remarkable job of guiding me by voicing my issues and gently leading me through the process. It was more like a relief for me...to be able to let go and trust her. I felt safe.

I could really feel the energy moving through my body and it felt right. It made me really happy and grateful. I felt empowered, hopeful and more in charge of my life after the session.

Barchi Fojkar | www.barchiandchocolate.com

testimonial ( ).png


Anna gazes lovingly into your heart and sees you as the radiant divine being that you are. One of her super powers is being able to "hear", the language of your words, your body, your heart and your essence.

In her tender and compassionate guidance, she can navigate challenging terrain with you, to find answers and solutions to obstacles in your path. 

Cherished and activated, is how I felt throughout our session and afterwards. I have yet to experience anything like my time with Anna.

Nicole Ferguson | adventureferguson.blogspot.com

join now with a single payment

or two simple payments

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Guided Initiations?

This is a time to use Tapping in combination with the power of your Highest Intention (Prayer) to rewire your somatic system. In each session, we will be reprogramming the body and neural pathways to align with and support our life choices. This is pivotal in grounding all the changes we are creating, and in effectively and sustainably living In Your Essence.

I’ve had a hysterectomy, will this apply to me even though I don’t have a “womb”?

Definitely. And great question. When we speak of the “womb”, we are referring to an energetic center, and this is always a part of your living body. An alternative name for this is the Hara. In fact, you may specifically find the Womb teachings very powerful, as this part of your sacred body has gone through so much in that area. Also, as you receive the keys around menstruation and the cervix, you may feel very inspired to gift your new-found knowledge to a valued friend or family member.

I've never done Tapping/EFT before, can I still join?.

Of course! I will introduce you to the basic technique in the first session, and you will gain personal mastery with it throughout our time together. This is a lifelong tool you can add to your self care and mental health toolkit, and you will discover powerful and unique add-ons that potentiate its power.

When are the sessions?

We begin on Friday, June 1st at 11am PST/2pm EST, and every session will be held on Friday at 11am PST/2pm EST for the next six weeks, including our bonus week seven. All sessions will be held via video over Zoom. If you cannot make it live, you will be sent a recording.

What if I can't make the classes Live? Can I still get the full benefit of the course?

Yes, definitely! You can take each class at your own pace, and come to the replay on your own schedule. If you come Live, that's great! That said, I trust that the questions asked will apply to you, as well -- and you can always email me with your questions at any time, as well as ask them during our Bonus week Q&A. 

How is the content released?

Each week, you will get an email with the call details to join Live via Zoom. You will also be notified of the replay within 24 hours of the Live class. All classes will be available in the student portal as they become available.

How long do I have access to the content for?

You have lifetime access to In Your Essence, and to any future upgrades I make to the program.
This is yours to keep, evolve with and deepen into!

I'm not really "Woo" -- is this for me?

The content and teachings shared in this program are grounded and immediately applicable. We will be accessing our visualization capacity on occasion, which we all possess. This is a program of connecting you with your body, and we will use techniques that are supported by biology and neuroscience. Not being "Woo" is totally fine.

enroll now with a one-time payment

or two easy payments

testimonial (1).png

“I now feel A RETURN TO MY TRUTH!”

You are fiercely kind. The simplicity and groundedness with which you facilitate journeys for others - is just what each and everyone of us need. You return us back to our truth while holding space in fierce kindness.

You offer practical tools right away - these are purposeful and intentional - I am already using them.

I highly recommend Anna if you are seeking to move within to your truth.

Megha Venketasamy | www.meghavenketasamy.com

testimonial (16).png


Before working with Anna, I’d heard about tapping and was even drawn to it, but she made it accessible to me in a way that made me take the plunge.

Anna helped me process my feelings around this and come to new and profound insights. She intuitively guided me in speaking my fears and old painful beliefs, as well as creating new affirmations to replace them.

I felt safe, comfortable and very nurtured by her grounded and positive presence.

Meghan Coleman | Doula

personal bio.png

Your Facilitator

Hi Beloved, I'm Anna.

I'm devoted to seeing you thrive, In Your Essence.
I so often see that as humans, we have taken on beliefs and thought-patterns
which seem tough to break through, and which hold us back
from our cherished dreams and goals.

I see that it is these underlying patterns which are often the cause
for us waiting on our dreams to manifest.

By dismantling these energetic structures
-- these thoughts and beliefs --
we step into our Essence, which is fully capable, powerful and ever-ready.

Dismantling and melting our limiting beliefs and negative self-talk can often feel vulnerable,
though it is the key to moving forward.

I believe that this kind of work is often overlooked in today's self-development world,
though it is essential to effective shifts in our physical life.

With a little bit of somatic work like Tapping,
these belief systems just fall by the wayside,
and you get to fully Shine.

I work with creatives who have big goals, and want to see their intentions fulfilled and realized.
People who know that they deserve the best that life has to offer,
and that they are instrumental in fully receiving it.

People work with me when they know that something needs to change.
When they want to bust through for good.

My specialty is holding space during the vulnerable moments,
and providing deep insight so that transformation is fully catalyzed.

I combine that with the most effective tools I know to facilitate release,
as well as loving presence and coaching strategy to facilitate your innate greatness.

To show you how close and accessible your Power is, right now.

You deserve this. It's time.

I would be so honored for you to join us.

join now with a single payment

or two easy payments

in your essence guarantee

I am fully committed to giving you effective and lifelong tools to transform your life experience.
That is why I invite you to fully experience two In Your Essence sessions until June 14, 11:59pm EST. If you don’t feel this is for you, I will happily refund you 100% of your money.

PLEASE NOTE: I will ask to see your completed course work and whether you have watched all our sessions. This is to make sure that you really gave it a chance. I will also ask what didn’t work for you (so that I can improve what I provide). This deadline exists so that you can comfortably get started and immerse in the program.

I only want to serve those for whom this is a good fit. I confidently stand behind the integrity and value of this program, and my service to you throughout it.