claim your birthright
you were born for a magnificent, joyful life

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You were born for joy, and for a luscious life.
A life of living YOUR Path, YOUR story, and YOUR choices.

And you were not trained for this.
In fact, you may have spent years pushing this calling away.

And now, it’s time.
To live your birthright.
And liberate our brothers and sisters, in turn.

There’s no more playing small.
There’s no more going halfway.
And there’s no more doing it quietly.

This is between you and God-Spirit now.
And your Path is lit with Sacred Fire.
You cannot miss the Way.
It’s time.

I specialize in rooting people into their Soul Essence.

I easily see your light, and your power.
that part of you which has never agreed to settle.

And that's why I'm here for you, today.
I've been where you are.

And I made it to the other side.

It's time to walk forward into
the luxe abode of your Heart + Soul.

In Devotion,

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Your unique contribution is needed now on this planet