We Don't Have So Much Time -- And Why You Need To Go Deep Now

Last night I was talking to my mom. It’s always a one-hour-plus kind of conversation. Even if I think I’m calling for 10 minutes.

They’re noticing signs of aging. Can’t lift as much anymore, can’t move in this way or that. The descent of the body. And we spoke about the same stuff as usual, also. The interactions, the reactions, the responses that are present in their relationship. The way triggers and wounds manifest to wound and separate again.

And one reality made itself clear after that conversation.
We don’t have that much time.
To heal. To wait. To keep pushing it off for another day.

We don’t have that much time.

This life is like the blink of an eye from the Soul’s perspective. One of thousands (millions?).
In it, within it, is our chance.
And even then, it may just fly by.

When we push our emotions away, shove them down into the “I’ll deal with this later” realms of the subconscious, relegate them to swim in the depths, sharply poking through the surface here and there, we are operating from an illusion.

Continuously weaving connections that are less than passionate, less than calm, less than spacious.

We don’t have that much time.

Sit back and try to ignore your pain, and ten years will pass by, all with the same challenges and triggers and wincing. And all of a sudden you are further down the road of a numb and distant relationship, all of a sudden going into the depths seems even more unfathomable, even more frightful.

soul time.png

We don’t have that much time.
We must give ourselves our Heart now.
We must be brave enough to go in.

And we are.

We can peek under the murkiness, even if for just a minute.
And even that will illuminate and melt and ease something.

With just 5-10 minutes, today, so much is possible.
When we are willing to give it that time.
More ease. More spaciousness. More love.
Deeper breath.

Who was it that convinced us that we just have to grit and bear it and just soldier on?
That pain and restriction and anger is easier than pleasure and joy and connection?
When was it that we vowed to never peek into the depths?

Doesn’t matter.

We don’t have that much time.
If you’ve got 5 minutes, let’s do it now.

If you should choose to give this 5 minutes.
Because it is always and ever your blessed, luscious choice.
It is, and always has been, simply your choice.

If any part of you is ripe for change,
If any part of you wants better, easier, more true deep love,
Grab onto that part, hold hands with it, saturate yourself with it.

And let’s go.
Because we don’t have that much time.
We will all die.

Until then, we’ve got a chance.

And ease really, truly, totally, is your birthright.

Let’s go.
I will go there with you.

Because when you go in, I breathe easier too.
When you heal just a tiny bit of your experience, I heal too.

Let’s breathe easier together.
Really, just 5 minutes.
I’ll go there with you.

To know how 5 minutes can make a difference, I offer you the tool of Tapping.
Learn more in a discovery session, or by joining me for three full sessions.
So much is possible.

Claim your birthright, and so many more will benefit, too.

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