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I support you in owning your life,
and unapologetically going after your dreams.

No, it’s not selfish.
and It's time.

You deserve the best life that you can create for yourself.

Unplug from collective consciousness,
and see yourself as completely capable.

Shake off the restrictive instructions
that have been playing in your system,

And uproot the agreements that have
bound your wrists together for too long.

There is no-one holding you back, but yourself.

And that’s a good thing.

Because YOU are your own master.
And I can help you to fully step into that.

I have changed my life countless numbers of times.
Most prominently, when I stepped onto the path that I am living today.

I unplugged from society’s approval,
From my parent’s applause,
And from my partner’s expectations.

After months of praying for courage, strength, and cultivating my personal power.

I just dropped it.

In the end, the Call of the Soul could not be resisted

That is what I am here for.

It's so common to have agreements and expectations that you are playing into,
To think that there are people who need you to stay the same,
That too much change, success, or a better life will be selfish. Or even scary.

Underneath the surface,
You think you can’t have it all,

You don’t deserve to live that way,

You’re doing fine, anyways, so why risk it?

I’m here to tell you that you deserve to take that next step.
You deserve to, and you are worthy of it.
And this life is YOURS, no-one else’s.

You are living a covenant between you and Spirit,
between you and eternal Father/Mother God.

There is no way that you were created for smallness,
and for pleasing the status quo of culture, your family,
or even your own smaller perspective.

It’s time to drop the toys of infancy,
and walk forward into the luxe abode of your Heart + Soul.

I’m here to help you cut through all the excuses.
All the ways your trained mind tells you
“well, no, it’s not right to do that...”
I’m here to hold you as you just SHOW UP.

Because I see you.

I see the Light in you that never died, and never quit, and never agreed to anything other than greatness and Grace.

You may think it’s selfish to follow
your own Soul Path so deeply.

You may think the world doesn’t
have the room for you,

Or that there are not enough resources
for you to make it happen.

You may think that you will be hated, abandoned or even killed for going forward.

Feel that.

And walk on.
I am walking with you.

Whatever vow you need to dismantle and shatter,
Whatever shackle you need to unlock and melt down,
You can.

It’s as simple as that.

An agreement in your daily family life.
A life choice that’s leaving you drained.
A place you’re living that doesn’t light you up.
A dream you’ve tucked too far away.

It’s time.

And the funny thing is, you stepping out, no matter what,
is one of the greatest tricks.

It seems selfish, it seems scary.
And the thing is, it LIBERATES your brothers and sisters.

You melting your shackles stokes the fire
to melt the chains of so many other hearts.

You slicing through outdated vows
sharpens the Sword of Wisdom to be used by so many others.

It’s time.

Walk your own path.
Rediscover your deep Power.
Just do it.

And in doing so, you liberate so many others.

It’s time.

You’re ready.
This is it.

Anna LozaComment