The One Thing Holding You (And Me) Back From Full Self Expression

Do you ever get a “download”, and get so excited by the huge potential of it, that you just sit in awe, or maybe squeal with all the energy of joy running through you?

We are all channels for Spirit, and we are all capable of receiving planetary-level ideas that can truly shift society. We are all “God’s lightning rods.”
This is a lyric from the song titled “Hummingbird”, by Chances R. Good -- check it out below! It's #4

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So here’s the thing that keeps us back from our full and fullest expression:

Aligning with our personality, instead of the Soul

Yes, THE Soul, not only “your” Soul.
The infinite energy of The Soul -- as a Universal principle.

When we receive a Love-infused, Big Idea, it can be personality-shattering: as in, our personality just doesn’t know how to express it, or even deal with it. Our personality, our sense of “self” may immediately start to discount the idea, speaking inside our mind about how we are incapable of actualizing it, how others would not like or approve of this, how it’s too difficult and “impossible”, and in general, how we may as well just let this concept lie.

The Soul on the other hand, knows no limitations, and knows that all ideas, especially the Love-infused life-enhancing ones can and will come into this reality. These ideas are usually straight from Source, channeled and translated through the Soul, and then heard and received by the personality-mind.

Our work is to know when the personality starts discounting a Soul idea.

The Highest - i.e. the most useful for Soul embodiment - expression of the personality, is to be in service to Soul alignment, and work in tandem with the virtues of Love, Wisdom and Power in bringing the Soul into expression in our world.

Your Soul-idea could be anything from jumping in that puddle or sniffing a flower (you never know who this may inspire), to cleaning up the plastic-garbage islands in the ocean.

When you get excited about an idea, about a potential direction in your life, know that this is the compass of your heart showing you the way.

These emotions have been gifted to us in order to show us the direction of greatest Bliss, Joy and Love, not only for ourselves, but for the Good of All. When you follow your Heart, so many others benefit, too.

One concrete example of this is the current surge in ethical industries. There are humans who received the Soul-prompt to create fair exchange for goods that brought them joy -- like chocolate, coffee and cotton. By following this Soul-prompt, the personalities of these people served this idea into being, and created ripples of good and change on the planet. It is now highly accessible and popular, especially in North America, to choose ethically-sourced pleasures like chocolate, coffee and clothing.

Your lightning-rod ideas are planetary in nature, too. We do not know the reach of the ideas which the Soul infuses into us, and really, it is not for us to know.

What is for us, is to act.

It is to harness the Joy and the excitement that we feel when thinking about a topic, and to just move forward with it.

This is the one thing which holds you, me, and us back from full self-expression. It is the shutting down and the making smaller and quieter of the ideas that come from Soul.

Try this next time you experience a powerful and exciting idea come through:

  1. Stay excited. Do your best to stay with the energy and enjoy it. Lather it all over your energy field, so to speak.

  2. Write it down. Draw it. Get it into this primary and preliminary form, as soon as you can. Some possible ways:
    • Take a note on your phone with the bullet points of the idea
    • Find some images that match what you are feeling and seeing inside your heart
    • Write out the total vision
  3. Identify one step you can take to bring this idea closer into reality, more deeply onto this planet, today (or this week).
    • Researching an organization that can partner with you on this
    • Writing an email, or making a phone call to someone who can help
    • Making a post on your social media, or to your followers, about this concept
    • Supporting someone who is already doing something similar
    • Scaling it down, so that starting now, in some way, feels real and possible
    • Making a purchase you have been holding off on, which will serve to inspire your next steps

This is a way to honor the Soul ideas that you are gifted. By responding to the Lightning of Inspiration that gives you Joy, you essentially say “Yes! Give me more, please!”. And you train your personality to be in service to the Soul.

You are capable, and I have no doubt that you are receiving powerful ideas on the regular.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that your ideas are not “planetary”. When you enact an inspiration that touches even a single person (and it is rarely only a single person), the ripples that are created go on to affect many other parts of this world. When we elevate our brothers and sisters in some way, we are serving as change-agents of planetary-level inspiration.

By showing the Divine Source of Inspiration that we Love to receive, and act on, and play with these insights, we open a bigger and bigger channel.

Have fun! That’s basically what it is all about :)

In the comments, let me know if you've ever sat on a Soul-idea.

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