When You Ask For What You Want Be Prepared To Really Receive It

I cooked tonight.
And by tonight I mean all day.
It was one of those stew-meals, that took stirring and checking and tasting and adjusting all day.
And it began with speed-chopping everything when I had 20 minutes between calls.

So when my hubby and I finished eating, and we both got up from the table leaving the dishes with piles of oily bits and tiny bones all around, I wanted nothing more to do with it.

He had already laid down on the couch and was digging into something on his phone.

I felt uneasy.
I wanted help. And it's also the type of help I rarely ask for.
Usually, I just clear the table, wash the dishes and plop down beside him. No big deal.

"Can you please clear the dishes from the table? I don't want to wash tonight. I just don't. It took a while to cook, and I just can't. Who will wash the dishes?"

"Maybe the spirits of our ancestors?" He says, looking up at my with his sly smile.
Scorpio. Through and through.

"Please just clear the dishes from the table. That's it. Whenever."
I assume he'll get around to it -- he's great like that. Perhaps before bedtime. Though surely not now.

I sit down beside him.
He looks comfy.

Next thing I know he's hopped up, and is clearing the table. Great.

Next moment, he's literally elbows deep in the sink (I may have left some other stuff in there...), and stacking dishes in the drying rack.

He then scrubs the whole sink down.
He then brings out a mop.
He then wipes the whole table.
And then hangs the towel, neatly folded, over the counter.
All of this while half-naked and beautiful.

It took ALL I HAD to just continue sitting on the couch and breathing through it.
I SO BADLY wanted to hop up when he started on actual washing, and say something apologetic and high-pitched like "oh, it's alright, I just wanted you to clear the dishes. You don't need to do this."
It is SO. IMPORTANT. to know how to receive.
When you ask for something -- be prepared to get it!
And more.

—> How can we ask for help, if we are only open to receiving a fraction of it.

—> How can we ask for a big sale, and hold our price, if we immediately start to offer ways for the person to commit in a smaller way?

Receiving is crucial.
And it is especially crucial with $$$ and support.

Today, my practice-ground was the couch.
Where I pretended to be engrossed in my phone, as I watched my hubby clean the kitchen better than I ever do.
I breathed into that place that wanted to stop him, that wanted to back out of my request, that wanted to receive LESS.

💦 And I just let myself open, and receive MORE.

When he finished and sat beside me, I lavished on the sincere gratitude, and checked-in that I can ask for that again when I want.

I set myself up for receiving MORE, again.

👉 Are you comfortable with receiving what you ask for, without "helping" someone out of giving it to you?

This program runs deep!

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