No more having to struggle and work hard -- just to survive.

No more lack and tightness -- irregardless of your financial numbers.

Sensuality breaks the chains of slavery to a system of scarcity,

Bred into the psyches of many humans, and especially women.



Low boundaries

Putting the life-force of absolutely all others first before your own

Inhabiting your sensuality rewires and reprograms your soma.

It melts the shame of EXISTENCE itself,

Bringing Light into your physicality,

While having the power to literally dissolve scar tissue, growths, lumps, constrictions and pain.

Inhabiting your sex and your genitals and your Root,

Clears tightness in a way that years of talk therapy will scarcely touch.

And when you step into INTENTIONALLY Opening the Root,

You will find yourself walking though all the old dross that has stagnated your flow.

Sometimes literally.

The monthly flow of your Creative womb.

Slavery is a control of the life-force,

And often did and does involve a literal interference with the fertility of its subjects.

Fertility is the core vibration of Abundance & Create-activity.

So if you're feeling like you've been doing all the Financial Mindset work,

And things are STILL not clicking and opening,

There is a feeling of WHY,

And you're constantly "on the edge of a breakthrough" yet never through,

Then it's time to inhabit your pelvis,

And call down your Fertile, Creative powers in a way like never before.

🔸 Open your legs

🔸 Invite to be penetrated AND seeded by Source Consciousness

🔸 Massage your vulva, inner yoni and anu$

🔸 Breathe DOWN, both in-breath and out-breath, clearing out your Root like you would by blowing through a clogged straw

🔸 See yourself opening your Root wider and deeper to receive the Lingam of God

🔸 Allow this to ReMind your system about the Freedom, Power and Wealth that is your Innocent RIGHT

And allow the Light to flow in through your Cervix, the Portal of Portals, into your womb, and move into your Heart.

Here, dissolve it into all levels of your DNA, and stay penetrated by God's cok as long as you can - even while going about your day.

How exquisitely can you let This in?

Slavery has been a construct of deeply misaligned forces, and continues on this planet to this day.

For the privileged humans who are free to choose their surroundings,

The Mind and Heart and Cellular oceans remain a place where the slavery-codes still find purchase.

The Light of Love, Pleasure, Bliss, Devotion and Divine Penetration will self-clean this out of your system, just like an oven.

Sensuality breaks the slavery-codes.

Are you ready for your Due Freedom and Power?

Want to elevate and deepen the reach, impact and financial power of your Work and Business?

While allowing all constriction, opinions, limitations and people-pleasing to drop away like the shackles they are?

Then we need to talk.

Book a complimentary meeting with me now.

Opening the Root is what I do.

You'll get to see exactly how working with sensuality can unlock and rewire that which is still holding you back from your Fullest Freedom.

You are here to live your Gifts and Wield Money.

Now is the time.

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