To be frank,

I am TIRED of watching people take the easy way out.

Choosing to pay for a "quick fix"-sounding item,

Instead of buckling down for the longterm ride that IS

> Shedding of fears,

> Grounding your escapist tendencies through soul-quaking action (hello, speaking for myself here),

> Showing up to the work of genuinely expanding your consciousness into the limitless potential and power that you hold.

I am seeing way too many simple, "let me fix this for you in one downloadable"-kind-of-shit, while the same person speaks to "oh, don't invest with coaches/facilitators/teachers because this is all you need".

I call bullshit.

Ain't no tiny downloadable low-cost doo-dad out there,

That will get you the genuine, deep liberation you are actually here for.

[Unless you are deep in studying the Diamond Sutra...but that's a conversation for another time]

Spiritual facilitators have spiritual teachers.

Mindset coaches have mindset teachers.

Business coaches are invested in their own growth on the regular.

And if you've been temporarily blinded by any sort of glitzy, "buy my system and you'll be set"-kind-of-verbage,

Shake yourself off and realign.

We need good people grounding their gifts,

Serving humanity,

Making the money,

And being Present in the system [of this planet/culture].

Present with a capital P.

We need you committed to breaking through allll the bullshit that has you poking around,

Thinking that you'll get by without going BIG,

And in general thinking that somehow, THIS next easy-road will get you there.

It won't.

The real work happens inside high-touch (that means massive support) containers.

Months of receiving coaching, facilitation and mentorship.

The deep breakthroughs can feel like the ceiling crumbles from one lightning strike.

But it's more like the Great Pyramid being built one grain of sand at a time.

And to be honest,

Some are just not ripe for that depth of Work.


And that's OK.

That's not who I'm speaking to here.

I'm speaking to You,

Who wants to "think about it",

And "maybe next month"

And "I'm gonna get back to this"

While investing time and money in everything BUT the facilitation that will tip the scales for you.

In Grounding your Service.

In breaking cycles and triangles and bubbles of illusion.

In FINALLY moving you into experiencing the Power that has always been at your fingertips.

With Source and your Guides cheering you on.

We are all holding someone's hand.

Check yourself.

If you find that you're downloading the "freebie", or the lowest-cost-possible "hope this finally works" thang,

Then you may need a reassessment of your priorities.

As in,

Where do you REALLY want to go,

And how bad do you wanna get there?

Oh, and WHEN would you like to drop the poking-around attitude,

And actually get a leg-up on that jazz.

Because it's ONLY when you commit to the long-game,

That you start to realize all the ways you've been playing small,

Distracting yourself,

And wondering if it'll just somehow happen on it's own magic.

And that's exactly when the uplevelling begins.

The results,

The expansion,

Your abilities cranked up and tuned,

Your people coming toward you.

It's simple.

It's not always easy.

But I got you.

Buckle down for the deep ride.

Turn away from the easy road, because it's a dead end.

And get real about what you're here for.

In your Work.

In your Body.

And in your Spirit.

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