Your sacred business can’t thrive on feminine mush, alone.

A couple months ago I was taken aback to see a person who I saw as a powerful thought-leader and womb-healer, speak about her need to crowd-source finances for a plane ticket.

I was shocked because my projections instantly crumbled to the ground -- here I was, following her work, thinking she was leading many people into wholeness and transformation, all while creating her own abundant life.

And turns out,

That wasn’t reality.

Or, there has been massive money-mismanagement -- which, I personally know a thing or three about, so that could be real.

Let me back up here and paint this picture deeper.

I follow SO many feminine, flowy word-weavers.

So many women pulling Tarot cards,

Creating crystal arrangements,

Talking over and over about the power of the moon.


Then what?

I’ve started becoming more and more sensitive to this content -- meaning, I am taking a much more discerning look at it all.

The dominant frequency?



It all just feels mushy.

You cannot build a business (a.k.a. Bring your Calling to the Planet, full-time) on feminine, soft, lounge-in-the-moonlight-with-an-amethyst-on-your-third-eye energy.

There is a certain, and specific, other frequency needed.

If you have goals -- like supporting thousands [or more] into transformation, bringing in an income that allows for your personal dreams AND philanthropy, and knowing where your next money influx is coming from…

The mushy stuff is not enough.

Sacred Business is not all soul.


It’s not all heady strategy, either.

Womb healing on its own is a beautiful, and a much-needed offering.

AND if you're struggling financially after months and months of offering the work,

There’s something missing. 🧐

If you’re great at intuition and connecting with the moon and your Guides,

AND you’re still tensing up when it comes to telling people they can actually pay you to work with you,

There’s something missing. ⚠️

The feminine wisdom has gone so far into the formless, floaty and mystical,

That gifted female healers are struggling with the most basic pieces of creating income around their gifts.


The Sacred Christed Masculine.

This archetype can help you to:

> Face your money stuff. 💰

> Create a financial plan, and follow it. 📈

> Get realllly comfy with sales. Sacred Sales. 💸

> Get over any embarrassment or hesitation about sharing, and refining, your crystal-clear Message. 📢

> Step out and own your desires, needs and necessary actions. 💪🏽

You don’t need to lose any of the moon ceremonies, card-pulling, or crystal use.

Though you DO need to re-integrate the masculine,

The fierce, fiery, strategic comfort-zone expansion.

And it’s when BOTH are integrated, in the Inner Marriage,

➡️ That your Erotic Sensual Feminine can shine, play and gush,

➡️ While the Solid, Brave Masculine moves your message and income ever-forward.

I've got mega-resources when it comes to this.

And I see a palpable energetic difference in myself and my work when I imbibe this frequency and make it a priority to balance this way.

Is your business in balance?

I want your gifts to shine, and for you to feel safe and nourished by the results, financial and otherwise.

Anna LozaComment