What really is a conscious/sacred business?

We can talk strategy up the wazoo, but that would be jumping the gun.

What this reallly is, is living your truth, showing up to a day that you've designed,

Living and giving of your Soul, at an ever expanding and ever Increasing level

While understanding and grounding financial management.

More and more of my friends, and even family, are coming to me and saying,

Anna, you've been working via the internet for so long,

Can you tell me how to thrive online?

(Just got this message, in Russian, from my cousin-in-law)

Usually, it's because they want to serve a wider audience, create an income on their own schedule, and are simply feeling the call to expand and ground in a bigger way than ever before.

I've been an entrepreneur since before graduating university,

And most recently, I have cranked up the devotion, embodiment and service I bring to another dimension of expression.

This lifestyle,

Of grounding my planetary service, while living the lifestyle and schedule of my choosing,

Is 100% non-negotiable for me.

It is my #1 priority, day by day.

And I am beyond stoked to be receiving messages from beloved women, more in the past week than ever before,

Who are saying -- "I want more for myself.

And I'm ready to create it."

And I'm here and honored to share all the tools I've learned along the way,

I'm honored to fly high with you,

And show you how your genius is so ready to create not only freedom, but massive grounded planetary service.

Conscious, sacred, soul, purpose-driven business....

Doesn't happen because you want MONEY;

It doesnt happen because you have an eye on profits;

It happens because your heart yearns to live your truth, daily.

And then you put the puzzle together in such a way that real, sustainable, and massive $$ becomes a part of it, as well.

That's just how it goes.

No need to get lost in your head,

Or in strategy,

Or in any overwhelming hustle,

You just Bring *It*.

And we'll ground it together.

The women coming forward this week, my friends and family, are steeped in Love, Women's Sexual Freedom, Conscious Birth, Trauma Healing, and creating the Planet we are all yearning to embody in this 3D, now.

Ready to make some moves and expand your work?

Send me a PM and we'll get you set up for all of this.


Photo is of me in Haiti, having walked across the border with my husband for a quick exploration.

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