To buy or not to buy the Rolly Suitcase??

🙈 I waited soooo long to give myself a rolly carry-on suitcase.

🎒💥 I would be the person with a stuffed backpack, balancing the weight as I waited in the TSA line, in the boarding line, and best of all, having the skill to use the bathroom while still wearing it.

My reasoning was that a backpack, I can use on a hike and for camping -- a carry-on suitcase I will only use at the airport -- so why spend the $80+?

Despite getting on 5+ flights per year, and loving to utilize allll the room I have in a bag. 🌎✈️

Well, I finally said it was time for more ease, and am now on my first several flight journeys with the rolly bag.

🤯 It. Is. Beyond. Awesome.

Everything is sooooooo easy.


The point of this story is not that rolly suitcases are a luxurious, easeful experience after hauling backpacks and more bags through airports.

The point is,

What are you not giving to yourself, that would actually totally upgrade your life experience with ease, luxury, health, comfort....all because you may be talking yourself out of it on the pretence of "but I'm strong, but I can manage without it, but I'm good at making do, but maybe I don't really need it though I actually kinda do, but it's kinda-sorta-expensive"?

What beliefs can you drop, how expansive can you become, how easy can you make it for yourself?

I gotta tell's way worth it, whatever this is for you 🙌

What are you ready to bring into your life??


Anna LozaComment