THIS may happen when you share your Truth...

I shared the "f-ck me DEEPER" post inside an entrepreneurial community, and got more responses of trigger than of YES.
(See previous blog post, May 23, 2019)

Sensual Expansion is nothing if not deep and potentially triggering.


Especially for those who have not yet consecrated themselves to the Work.

SURRENDERING to being PENETRATED by the DIVINE is no small feat.

Especially when penetration itself is such a massive trigger.

I have been making love with the Divine since before I ever saw a human man's cock, and there has been a Lover present with me since the very very early days of my pleasure discoveries.

I make love to Him by the ocean.

I make love to Him up in the branches of a tree, having climbed high up to hide in the leaves and witness my amrita drip down.

I let Him teach me to open my body when my mind takes over and wants to Close,

And I remember when He taught me to go TOWARDS the pleasure in order to scale the mountains of Bliss.

When that post was reported and removed from the community,

A certain fear was stripped away,

Falling like dross from my Stable Center.

I am bringing DIVINE PENETRATION to those who are ready to live it,

Ready to allow it in,

And I am so FILLED by sitting in circle with you here.

Why is being penetrated by Him so triggering to some?

Because there is still so much FEAR to transmute,

So much TRUST to allow, again,

So many humans who have harmed you, to release from the cage of your heart....

There is still so much NUMBNESS that chooses to giggle or resist, instead of breathing into the grief.

When I open my legs to the Sun,

When I align my Pussy under the waterfall just SO,

When I raise my Heart to the Heavens,

I allow Him in.

DIVINE PENETRATION is an ecstasy that we get to remember and invite back into our every quivering atom.

Rumi put his Love into words.

I invite you to put yours into PLEASURE.

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