Is that you don't move through it unless you want to.

I've seen too many gifted women,

Completely quagmired in very low income,

Tiny frivolous offers,

Low energy invitations,

And a general " day"-ness.

At the risk of affronting some gifted Priestess-Goddesses,

Selling a tarot-spread for $33 is just not all that you've got in you.

🧐 Let me reframe this a second:

Money mindset, specifically creating a financially-stable and thriving income from your Soul Gifts, is not about arbitrarily raising a price to match your "worth" and calling it a day.

I'm talking about the real-deal planetary service over here.

My question to my people always is:

🌈 What would you GIVE a person, for this higher money-exchange?

🧚‍♀️ How would you show up, for how long, in what way, if the price were $XXYYZZ?

This means that you take that $33 tarot-spread, and get real about what you're actually hungering to do.

And it sure isn't pulling a couple cards for the price of an organic lunch.

You've got way more in your bag of Talents, that you're just not brave enough to share yet.

;) So...wanna give it a try?

What would you GIVE, how would you SERVE, if you actually deepened into your service?

What would your clients be able to RECEIVE from you?

Until I started to see it this way, I wasn't biting on this whole "financial abundance" thing. And it took me a good little while.

So, perhaps you're as stubborn as me.

Because as we were saying,

The money piece doesn't click for those who don't even question it.

💧 And for the gifted planetary servers hiding behind tiny droplets of their gifts, in exchange for tiny sips of sustenance, there's just nothing to be done until the Goddess-Lion awakens within their heart and Roars,


"I've got work to do here, and I'm REAAADY to do it!"

Until then,

The concept of giving MORE, FOR more remains a seemingly-unlikely, or perhaps triggering idea.

🦋 I'm over here waiting for all the Power Players to wake their hearts into Massive Service,

⚡️ Ground their Gifts into this Earth-plane,

💗 And crank up the juice on this human revolution.

If you're teetering in the void,

And are allllmost shifting that money-thang,

Ask yourself this:

💥 "Am I afraid of the bravery, confidence and visibility it would take for me to finally do more than [tarot spreads for $33]?"

And if the answer is a "Yes...there IS some fear here",

Know that you're already on your way to dissolving it.


📩 Send me an email and ask "Now what?", and I'll walk there with you. Or better yet, book a free call on the home page, right here! ;)

🌍 Because I'm here to witness this planet blossoming, and you're a key player in that. Promise.

And also, I'm here to witness your financial growth ;)

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