The Message of the Triple-Orgasm...

Emerging out of a triple-orgasm, laying on the floor in the waters of my amrita, jade wand on my heart now, I felt a deep sense of Revelation.

You are meant for THIS much pleasure.

You are meant to enjoy existence THIS much.

You are meant to RECEIVE THIS much.

And more.

We are the only ones who place a limit on the level of pleasure, bliss, joy and EXPANSION that we experience on a daily basis.

We are the only ones who could say "nah, maybe I'll reach for my pleasure practice AFTER this, that and the other....that's when I'll reallllly deserve it/have the time/can have it"

And you know what?

I almost did just that.

I ALMOST didn't give my body and spirit what it was actuuuually craving. I almost went to do laundry. I almost decided to scroll scroll scroll some more.

We are programmed with avoidance mechanisms.

We are programmed to "put off" until later, do something "more useful", and remain in go go go...until the original impulse, the pull, the drive, wanes and stunts sooo much, that it's barely even a natural desire any more.

Orgasm, especially deep, cervical, vaginal orgasm, has the power to change your consciousness.

It has the effect of a deep energy cleanse.

It brings LIGHT into your body vehicle, mind and etheric body.

And all the busy-mind programs will have you thinking something else is "better" to do, than to simply follow the call, give yourself some time and ALLOW.

Just before this experience, I was deeply turned ON by embodying a new level of my Power.

Grounding the light of my Devotion, Commitment, and Soul Purpose deeper into this material realm.

I experienced a new level in my Work.

And it turned my body on.

My body said "YES. This is BLISS".

And I almost didn't meet myself there.

Though when I did -- effortless, flowing, orgasm after orgasm in a way that I have not previously experienced.

Embodying and grounding a new level of my Power and Purpose resulted in bringing in an even more effortless level of Pleasure and Surrender.

Everything is interconnected.

None of this is a purely physical journey.

It's not even "mostly" physical.

Though it sure is EMBODIED.

Grounding your Soul Urge in this realm - in the form of a profitable business is a Spiritual Pilgrimage.

Surrendering your mind and body to the Moment of Pleasure is a path to cleanse, elevate and expand your consciousness, right here through, and in, your body.

Your Soul, through your body, to the Planet.

Which naturally feeds back as Power, Wisdom and Love to bring back to your Work.

If you've been hungry to bridge the gap between heady-strategy and full-body holistic Sacred Business where your purpose is expressed and is Well Paid For, I'm here to ground that reality with you.

Comment "I'm meant for this" to have me reach out to you via PM.

You are meant for THIS much!

Anna LozaComment