Sacrificing? Read This.

I've been location independent ever since I can remember.

I've always prioritized following love, ocean, and astrological alignments across the planet.

This particular photo was taken during the total solar eclipse, in Oregon, back in 2017.

Nothing moves my soul and spirit so much as seeing humans step into their zone of brilliance, while ALSO realizing that we need not sacrifice ANYTHING to have success and a magnificent life.

None of the best stuff, that is.

Sure, you may need to set your own boundaries, create accountability, learn learn learn, surrender & surrender more, release a bunch of beliefs you barely knew you had, and lay your life down on the altar of God....

Though you DO NOT need to sacrifice:

> Time with your loved ones

> Vacations

> Your chosen location on the planet

> Your sanity

> Your health (and esp. your sleep!)

> Your sexlife


A sacred, feminine business is easier to create and step into now than it ever has been.

And what's more, it's PIVOTAL in the healing of our collective.

Do you want to have location independence?

You got it.

Do you want to have time independence?

It's yours.

Do you want to determine your own SALARY?


Do you want to be a part of the SHIFT?!

You are.

Are you still in sacrificing-mode?

Anna LozaComment