Pleasure, or Money? DON'T CHOOSE!




Are both vulnerable AF.

Which is why they are so often shoved down into the "I'll check on this later" pile.

And why doing this over and over

For years on end

= Disfunction, displeasure, money leaks, confusion, and a [sorta] long road back.

Pleasure was always my powerhouse.

Thankfully, I have been deeply connected with my body from childhood.

I remember looking at myself in the mirror, naked, at age 5 or 6, and thinking how the nipples and yoni made a funny face all together.

It can be that simple.

Just looking.

As for money....


That's another story.

It's taken me years to unravel this beast.

And pleasure, sensuality, sexuality and my body have been an INDISPENSABLE tool along the way. A tool for wisdom, power, forgiveness and confidence.

I just created a document on my computer called "Stories to Share".....and I'll be rolling these out with you here, and inside my FB community (link in comments), across the coming days.

And I hear you saying,

"But what if I've been disconnected from BOTH?"

Both pleasure, AND money.

I hear you.

And there is STILL a way out.

And I'll be walking this path with you, via story, and more.

Because, what better way to use this Mercury Retrograde in Pisces than to dive deep into storytime.

And for now,

Which do you feel your strength in?

Sensuality? Money?

Which is your weakness?

Or maybe it's both.

Let us see you, in the comments.


P.S. This photo was taken within a waterfall in Bali, by a lover I was travelling with at the time.

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