Orgasmic Healing Practice!

I shared this one with my client this morning, when she asked for “more homework” ;)

Sensuality & Healing merge, soothing the self as well as the planet at large.

As you are cultivating the orgasmic energy, start to feel it gather around you in a ball of light. Any color that comes to you is perfect -- for me, it tends to be a shimmery purple.

As the energy builds, so does the intensity and size of the ball of light around you -- use your breath, breathing deeply and consistently into this light.

As you move through orgasm, allow the bubble of light to burst open, and gush this healing light all round you, as if a water balloon bursting.

You can flood your home-space with this light, and take it out further and further, covering your neighborhood, city, even the continent and beyond.

See how much light you can stoke and cultivate, and how far it will disperse when it bursts.

This light can serve as an offering of healing to anyone in its path, and also the structures of homes and the land it washes over. Every being has the free will to accept this offering of loving light according to their highest good.

The first time I performed this offering, I immediately saw a difference in the energy of the space I was in, as well as the interaction I was having with the people around me. Since then, I’ve used it to bless both myself and others.

What would it be like, if your next orgasm washed healing over the planet?

I imagine many people doing this, and the waters of the light spreading around the globe, blessing all who wish to receive it.

Happy light-gathering!


This is what happens inside the containers I hold.

I not only send you a jade yoni wand, I also show you how to use it with massive healing intention.

PM me to know more.

Three 1:1 spots are currently available.

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