Many Clients, or a Few?

Wowzers. 🌴

The last year has been a doozy. 😶

I have absolutely relished growing my work in the online space.

Transitioning from in-person, here-and-there teaching and facilitation experiences,

To full-on, HERE I AM, online service. 🌏

It's been about a decade now, that I began supporting humans into their Greatness.

My first business was named "The Optimal Human Experience". 💥

Because there really is no reason to settle, ever.

At the time, I was driving around Montreal, bringing milk kefir grains and kombucha scobies to people's homes, 🏃‍♀️

I would brew and proliferate the colonies in jars across my bookshelves, and package them up in cute little glass containers, before zooming off to the person's locale.

Though I wouldn't let them off the hook that easy...

I also stayed to help them brew their first batch of fermented medicinal goodness, made sure to bring them all-organic ingredients -- because ain't no pesticides going into THIS brew! -- and gave indefinite email support. 🧐

I still occasionally receive emails inquiring if I still sell kefir grains -- all from an old Craigslist ad that listed this service for a measly $5! 🤦‍♀️

I'm pretty sure I wasn't even recuperating my gas-money from driving all over the city. 🏎

Though I was absolutely stoked to visit every new client.

>> Because I love adventure, and because it meant another person was shifting their life for the better! 🦋

As I followed my heart to Colorado and later to California, I expanded my offerings to share about herbalism.

My passion was always honed-in on supporting humans into their Best Life, and to me that definitely includes a healthy body.

I still have a teleclass, somewhere in the recesses of my hard-drive, called "Botanica Erotica", which is all about maintaining your sensual energy and vitality with three categories of herbs. 🌿

As I relocated once again, winding down from several years of living in my car while travelling to other continents for 6-month stretches, I found myself spending more and more time in the Caribbean. ✈️🌴🍍

This is when I knew that there was very little chance that I would be serving people in-person anytime soon, barring epic-tropical-retreats (TBA, stay tuned ;) ).

I poured my heart out into the creation of my online service work, and over the past year, have served over 150 people! 😲

>>> Something my driving-around-the-city days could have never allowed for.

This, in itself, is absolutely remarkable to me.

The internet truly allows us to bring our Soul Work to a whole 'nother level. 🚀

And as my gift and genius zone has always been to see the Light within you and to uplift you towards a life of Greatness -- all while stoking the sensual arts -- the current iteration of my work is a natural outcome. 💎

There is nothing more epic, to me, than seeing a person finally say YES to themselves and their Biggest Life Vision!

Inside the immersive spaces that I hold today,

You are deeply seen, supported and celebrated,

While stepping forward into your Soul Work -- a.k.a. finally living your gifts 100% of the time, publicly. 🧚‍♂️

(You may also get some tips about sexy herbs, spring water, and wild mushrooms. Because, well, my bookshelves are still stacked with herbs and funky jars.)

I see the entrepreneurial shift as a sign heralding the tipping of this world into the next Golden Age. ✨🌏✨

One where you are happily pouring out your Soul's Song for the benefit of humanity, while being generously rewarded with financial freedom and location independence, should you so choose. 🌵💰🌳

And it is my deepest honor to uplift women into singing their Magnetic Siren Song (a.k.a. Sacred Business Offering), while unleashing the wisdom, power and pleasure of their bodies to enliven and guide the way.

Can you feel that you are a leader? 💃

Are you a woman housing Big Dreams, and wondering whether you'll have to wait years for them to manifest? ⚡️

Are you tired of giving your life-force to anything but your very own Voice, Vision and Victory? 🏄‍♀️

I'm gifting seven women a container designed to get you clear, focused and excited about your Work in this world, and give you a straight roadmap that definitely involves the joyful song of your body, all along the way.

My gift is strategy. 🗝

And seeing your Inner Truth. ☀️

I see your Light and your Capacity even when you're not fully sure of it all yourself. 🌻

Want to uplevel and expand your Sovereign Sacred Business?

Send me a PM, and we'll hop on a complimentary call together. 💯

You will definitely need your notepad for this one ;)

And go ahead, let me know in the comments -- what was the first iteration of your Soul Work?

( > Kefir Aficionado, over here 🤣)

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