How THIS Work is Different

The way I work with sensuality is different than others.


I see the sensual energy as kindling, as fuel, for the even bigger work.

> It’s an amazing feeling to feel goooood in your body.

> It’s fantastic to be familiar, comfortable, with all your nooks and crannies, and to be able to touch anything, anytime.

> It’s powerful be in a place where swivling your hips and loosening your spine can transform your energy at any moment of the day.



That, in itself, has never been my biggest “win” when it comes to knowing and cultivating my sensual, juicy life-force.

The way I see this power,

This juice,

This lubed-up, fiery, breathy energy,

Is that when thissss is flowing, open, uncorked….

We get to THRIVE on all cylinders.

And the part that MOST particularly excites me,

Is the one where we now have the confidence,

The drive,

The passion,


And audacity

To follow our Soul Calling.

To me, sensuality is ALWAYS merged with the energy and drive to go forward with my Voice, my Dream, my Vision.

It is absolutely the fuel for my fire.

When I am tapped into the flow of Shakti, juicy fire, open joyful breath

That we call sensual life-force….

I feel like there is no way to be doing ANYTHING

Other than following my Big Vision for the Earth.

And I have seen this over and over again.

A woman will uncork her sensual river,

Just for herself.

And all of a sudden,

She is a-w-a-s-h with ideas, inspiration, brilliance,

Which she can ride all the way to

Creative projects begun and finished,

Action taken boldly and joyfully,

Contacts made

And even triggers navigated with gusto.

To me,

Sensuality is like the water and the air

It is something which our body simply requires

To function optimally

And it is also something,

Which society has severed

Cut away


And is it any coincidence

That SO many humans are also not h-e-e-d-i-n-g the call of their Soul

For Right Livelihood in the deepest of ways?

Instead, submitting their life force,

And simply thinking that this is the way it is, I guess, and maybe it can be good enough….?


You have always known,

That actually, it is just way more FUN to open up this flow

And live from right within it.

I see and teach sensuality much differently than most.

Because to me,

It is always,

And inextricably,

Related to our Life Purpose becoming manifest.

Turn up the juice on your sensual life-force,

And very often,

You cannot help but get E-X-C-I-T-E-D about all the ideas that your heart has conjured and seen,

Seen playing out across this planet, in alternate realities.

All the possibilities for society, for humanity, for the environment.

Realities that can be current ones.

Should you choose to accept your call.

Even deeper.

All you Big Visionaries.

Your big, juicy dreams come into reach,

When you turn the juice up on your energy.

I know you’ve felt it.

It gets to be oh-so-fun.

Turn up the juice, let loose, and wiggle it out.

Breathe into the pleasure, the passion, of contributing your Full Life here.

Are you excited about this connection?

More sensual activation = more confidence to live your Truth

Living your truth, and crafting it as a Sacred Business, gets turned up to 11 when you stoke the fire with blissful pleasure and sensuality.

One supports the other.

Over and over again.

Any questions?

Anna LozaComment