Can you Open Your Legs WIDER??

"I WANT to f-ck you deeper...will you open your legs more?"

> The Divine Masculine energy is ASKING to give you more. Are you allowing it?

The last couple of days have been massively expansive for me, and for every single one of my clients.

There is a certain energy moving through, and those who are ready to receive it are bursting through into their power, grounding manifestations, and RECEIVING PLEASURE at unprecedented rates.

I'm not just talking about your ORGASM.

This kind of pleasure, is SOULDEEP.

It comes from your LIGHT EXPANDING so much, that you could just burst into a rainbow-colored puff of bliss, right on the spot.

Maybe you stepped out deeper than you ever have in your work, and people are responding massively.

Maybe you are finally saying YES to a certain direction of the fork-in-the-road.

Maybe you're realizing how powerful you TRULY are, and easefully making financial choices that were previously out of reach.


Just maybe,



YES, babe.

Open your legs,

On the bed or in horse-stance,

And FLOWER your pussy open to Him.

Let Him penetrate you deeper,

He wants to.

Let Him give you More

And More

And MORE pleasure.

Trust Him.

Will you Embody the CHILD-ESSENCE, or the WOMAN-CRONE?

The CHILD-ESSENCE gets giggly and ticklish and turns this deep work into a sweet joke.

She cannot hold MORE, and is content to roll away, squirming, after just a little.

When a threshold comes, she would rather take what she got and hold it tight, fearing it may be taken away.

The WOMAN-CRONE witnesses her questioning,

Her subtle resistance,


Turning the hesitation on itself,

And using that clarity to OPEN HER PUSSY WIDER+DEEPER

"You can give me more.

I accept it.

I can hold it,

I can take it,

And you can f-ck me deeper to help me let go further."

Your Divine Masculine support is here,

And he's ready to FLOOD your system with His LIGHT OF PLEASURE.

Will you open your legs, your hips, your PussyHeart, just that much more?

Or will you start to question if this much pleasure is OK?

After all, it really really is all up to you.


Art by Tina Maria Elena

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