[True Story]

After a certain age, my mom told me my dad was not to see my panties.

Like, ever.

Not even in the clean laundry bin.

Somehow, panties were a shameful thing.

I guess, because they touched That.

And so I grew up feeling absolutely horrified at the thought of any of my boyfriends seeing my underwear laying around, clean OR worn.

And I was sure super careful not to ever let anyone else wash them.

That would be plain cringe-worthy.

Fast forward to coming to the Dominican, meeting my Haitian husband, and the absolute free-for-all that is underwear-culture around here.

My then-boyfriend, now-husband, had no qualms about my panties.

He acted like it was the most natural thing in the world.

Probably 'cause it is.

And day by day, as he often INSISTED on doing the laundry for me (he says he's better at it), my deep shame slowly melted away, one shy gasp at a time.


His best friend is staying with us for a week.

He just came from Haiti, and we're helping him find an apartment here.

Meanwhile, he asked me to use the washing machine today, and got so excited about how FAST it is compared to hand-washing, that we ended up washing everything in the house.

We went through all the whites,

The towels,

The sheets....

And the only thing left was a pile of my clothes.

....My dirty underwear.

The thing is,

Carribean washing machines are not the same as North American.

Here, the laundry gets added to the water, and then needs to be rinsed from the soap by hand, before putting it in the spinner.

I told him I'll do it.

I said to leave it 'till tomorrow.

But he said...."Why not?"

And before I knew it,

He was dumping a mix of mini-dresses and different underwear into the washing machine.

I saw The Fear rear its head.

I smelled mortification.

I felt my insides cringe.

And then, I chose to breathe, thank him, and walk away.

As I write this, he is rinsing each little lacey thing by hand.

But this story isn't about underwear.

This story is about Shame.

And how it wreaks havoc on your Sacred Work, if unaddressed.


Being FULLY seen.

CLEARLY sharing your magnetic message.

Expressing a sentiment that feels BIG and BIGGER.

Naming HIGHER prices.


For female service-providers, these are often Big steps.

So, what makes you cringe?


It's often the same thing that leads RIGHT into receiving your next level of Money, Goodness and Ease.

Just like today, when I released into a sweet friend doing allll the laundry for me while I chill and work.

(More Ease, more Money, more Goodness. Just like I said).

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It's time to let all that shizz go, babe, and have MORE of the good stuff.

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P.S. Got any undy-shame stories? Drop 'em below. I know I'm not alone in this.

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