How would your body feel, if you were to be offered $10,000 RIGHT NOW?

I ask myself this question regularly, and SO much changes.

I usually feel my stomach relax and open, my perineum unclench, and my womb flower open.

How would it feel to RECEIVE what we are asking for?

Yesterday, I facilitated a POWERFUL session around Receiving.
There was anger, there was mistrust.
There was yelling, and there was raw, powerful, wild sadness.

So many of us are taught from a very young age that receiving is dangerous.

That there is no such thing as "a free lunch" in this world. That we may be hurt, poisoned, raped, even killed if we are too "trusting" of what others are giving us.

How many of us have been TAUGHT that to GIVE is better than to RECEIVE?

During that session, we discovered places which fully believed that receiving is DANGEROUS.

I ask you now, HOW can we open to RECEIVING from OTHERS, when we at the same time do not fully TRUST the intention with which humans give to us?

**This is especially true for women**

By actively seeing and allowing these places and beliefs, we were able to release and unwind many of them.

At the end of the session, there was EMBODIED acceptance of Receiving. An embodied TRUST and Permission to just hold the hands open and be given that which we pray so hard to manifest.

Asking and praying and manifesting....cannot bring us what we want, if our hands are closed. We cannot truly take-hold of the Abundance the universe wants to pour into our lives...when we do not Trust to Receive.

Do you feel this resonate in your own body?

Tell me your greatest challenge to Receiving in the comments, and I will give intuitive guidance as to WHERE in the body + chakra-system a release is needed.

Yesterday's session opened and re-connected the root chakra.

What about you?

Anna LozaComment