This is How to Find Your Purpose for the Golden Age. Because You Have One.

Last night I flew into Toronto, and from the airport I went straight to the hospital.
My grandfather had a stroke, and we were told that he may only have days to live.

This has completely shifted my perspective and priorities, as is the gift in these golden moments of transition.
After spending all night and day holding his hand, it looks like he may actually pull through. Though it's equally up in the air, and I'm residing in this beautiful place that is testing my capacity of abiding in not knowing.

That said, I have something for you tonight.

Life. This precious opportunity at being a human.
What are we here for?

Tune in for this 12-minute meditation, and bring a pen and paper.
I got my heart-fire stoked and layers of veils shed by this experience that I'm still deeply in.
And this is what I wish to share with you about it.

May it serve your Highest Good.

With All My Love.

Anna LozaComment