Family Karma + Ancestral Healing

I have huge goals. And I know how blessed I am. My life is vastly different than my family's, with so many opportunities and incredible benefits.

I have total freedom, to truly choose every step of my path.

And, even knowing these realities, I sometimes feel stuck. Sometimes, for no apparent reason, other one has modeled this path for me.

In fact, the paths that have been modeled to me look vastly different than the road I am on now.

And that gives me pause. In one sense, I feel an excitement, I feel my power. My power to create anew, the kind of life and the kind of world that I know we all deserve.

And in another sense, subtly, energetically, I keep untangling the cords and tendrils which tell me:

"No. Who do you think you are to have it so good? Who do you think you are to be so free, so abundant, so liberated, so prosperous, when your family worked long hours in jobs they didn't love?

Why do you get to be so passionate, and live life your way, when your parents and grandparents struggled to make ends meet, and didn't receive this much pleasure? You need to struggle, too. Life is hard."

These voices are mere programming. The echoes of picked up instructions about the world, as this brain was developing.

That said, their effect is no less real. 

I find myself unwinding these programs on the regular, and doing this work consistently strengthens my energy. My availability. My passion to live my chosen paths, in relationship, in location-freedom, in business, and in pure quirkiness.

When we uncork these energies, untangle our Bright and Loving dreams from them, we gain massive momentum. We create ancestral healing. We bring these gifts back to our families of origin, and spill the jewels there, too.

That's why I'm sharing more about this on a free LIVE webinar that's coming up on the New Moon. We'll go into Family Karma dynamics, you'll identify your own expressions of this, and we'll move into Ancestral Healing with one of the most potent and effective techniques to catalyze this shift. 

I'm excited to share this with you, and excited to have you join me live as we discuss and embody these healings.
If you can't make it live, a replay will be available.

Get the details and join by clicking here.

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