One Person Does Make A Difference -- And Here's How

I’ve been coming into the realization lately, that we are all just re-traumatizing each other.

Let me expand.

We all have wounds, and these can be impacting our daily actions, choices and words in any moment. Sometimes, we may not even know the depth of this. It is beyond logic, beyond mind-based tracking.

Something may have happened in childhood -- something like waking up to gunfire and dead friends in the neighborhood, or something like our caretaker not holding us when we ached for it. It comes in many shades and many expressions. And it is all stored in our system as information about the world, and how to navigate it in what is now our present.

It can seem subtle today, like a hesitation around spending money, or thinking that we just know “how it is”, and therefore should just “stick with what’s working”. It’s hard to truly comprehend how deep this web of trauma-learning goes. What is clear, is that we act from it on the regular. Experiencing anxiety, grief, irritation and anger, as well as reading into situations to fulfill these scripts.

It is how and what these often-forgotten memories influence, that is the ‘beyond-logic’ bit. You may be surprised at what you pull up and stitch together when you start going in.

When we act in this way, we are also usually inter-acting with another. We are responding, speaking and influencing. You, me, our family, our friends and that other person, too.

When we continue to act from these places of deep body-memory-beyond-logic traumas, in a sense….we just keep retraumatizing one another. I may react harshly, or I may draw away, in a moment when my partner was simply expressing their truth. My partner may brush off my emotion, or forego reaching out, when I’m expressing a need.

This is not optimal, Love-Consciousness behavior, and I think we actually know that, at the core.

This behavior hurts our hearts, and further reinforces the learned trauma-scripts. In a sense, acting from these wounds only goes to wound further. When we fully, integrally, deeply realize that and admit it, the way out finally becomes obvious.

One option becomes apparent: Heal the patterns. Dismantle the reactions. Shift the energy. Do the work. Go deep, and stay until release.

Because the trauma-scripts bring so much pain, that it’s time to truly do the work of letting them go. Because the suffering-illusion is so present, that it’s time to make the call...and deconstruct it.

And when that work is done, bit by gracious bit, on the regular; leap by breakthrough breath, every day, we are bringing massive healing to the collective.

Because we, in some small way, and in some grand way, will no longer be speaking/acting/inter-acting from that trauma any longer. And we will withdraw that tendril, and we will no longer be agents of enacting trauma for another.

And that, my friends, is how one single person, makes a true and real impact in the world.

By disengaging from the pinball machine of trauma.

tapping sacred self.png

By realizing the grandeur of it all, and standing in awe before the true interconnected nature and power of it all.

You are that powerful.
You are that capable.
And you are so needed.

Have you realized this stuff yet?

If so, then here’s my hands-down favorite tool to move us through all that arises.

EFT. Tapping.
Plus a couple potent add-on tricks.

We go beyond the logical mind to access somatic memories that have been woven together in the vastness of our subconscious mind. And we release them, like doves from the palm. And we step into ever-new layers of freedom, and clarity, and….impact. As another human being who has gone there, and disengaged from the cycle, and can now, just, breathe.

This week, I am offering a special rate for a one-hour session to learn about EFT, get to know the Tapping points, and to work through your most pertinent present-day challenges. Book a session at the button below, and you will be taken to select your best time.

If you’ve heard about it, or been curious, or are now wondering what it could do for you, then it’s time.

You deserve to move forward, and we really need you free, and breathing easy.

I would love to work with you in this capacity.

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