Navigating "International Women's Day" As A Soul...What Does That Even Mean?

On International Women's Day, the men in my family always brought my grandmother, my mom and myself flowers. Yesterday my mom reminded me to desire and ask for this.


Sure. I ACCEPT flowers. That said...Today, and every day, is beyond that for me at this point in my life.

On this International Women's Day, I am compelled to stop, ponder, and take into my heart the experiences of all women, women-bodied folk, women-identifying folk...and actually, the entire SOUL Spectrum, to the greatest of my ability in this moment.

Beyond a simple nod to "women", I am compelled to go DEEP and deepER.

I pray that my ability to see, hold and be present with MORE perspectives, MORE truth, MORE reality, and yes, MORE pain be ever-expanded and ever-increased so that I may go deeper into the nature of this existence.

As women, as people who are perceived as "women", as people who wish to align themselves deeper with "being a woman or a female", there are many experiences to be had in this world.

A lot of them are fun and fantastic and happy.

A lot of them are painful and dangerous and life-threatening.

It is still the case that women across the globe do not have the right or ability to self-determine their body's experience. Whether it be through sexual choice, through fertility management (as in: pregnancy, prevention, and abortion), or whether it be through full-out and intentional body MUTILATION and cutting. Legitimate anti-life actions.

And there are many who are legitimately not supported, via opportunity, education, connections or platforms to create the kind of effect and impact that their soul yearns for.

On this day, I invite YOU, whatever kind of body or experience you are in, to TUNE IN, to the greatest of your ability in this moment, with the essence, the lived experience, the multi-expression of WOMAN. the SOUL of this kind of experience.

If we take the perspective of multiple lifetimes, YOU, your SOUL experience, has had possibly many lives as a WOMAN. As all kinds of women; poor, rich, of color, white, traumatized and easeful. Perhaps. Let's take a moment of inner silence, and just....tune in. What kind of experiences can you summon in your body-field? What kind of perspectives and life-ways can you deeply peer and peek into? How can you put yourself in another's LIFE...? Which actually summons the yin, feminine-archetypal elements of INTUITION and EMPATHY, which we ALL have access to. A great WOMAN's day exercise.

All with the intention of emerging on the other side with more HONOR, with more KINDNESS. With more PAUSE.

EVERY single person alive, has come from a FEMALE'S BODY. That fact alone can send me into a wonder-vortex. A female has probably been a part of every human's upbringing in some sense. JUST FEEL that. That WEB. That true and essential connection. That.....Gratitude? That......humbleness? That......Honor?

How can you BE with that, today and every day? Can it be present when you meet a WOMAN-bodied person's eyes? And just....give it that moment, of compassion?

HOW can we act with more integrity, with more honor, with more DEEP FEELING of the truth, that we CAN connect and feel and recognize each other's life and birthright of opportunity, contentment and support, on a SOUL level?

That is what I am feeling into today.

Will you join?

Thank you for contemplating this.

I'm sorry if I've omitted compassion and presence with you.

Please forgive me as I continue to learn and explore deeper.

I love you.

By the's an incredible organization MERGING the male and female actions, choices and THOUGHT-beliefs, as needed to create some serious and lasting change-action.

I'll be donating 1% of all my profits this year to No Means No Worldwide, and I invite you to check out their message, action and perhaps choose to fund their mission as well. WE ARE CAPABLE of MOVING FORWARD. That I know in my heart.

Watch their amazing video below:

Anna Loza