Walking Your Own Path Creates Ancestral Healing and 3 Ways to Empower Your Journey

We are living in a time where we can truly choose our own life. For the first time in generations, there is so much more freedom in many ways. We can choose relationships for love, instead of obligation; we can pursue education or leave schooling altogether; we can travel, move about the planet, and we can even open heart-based businesses that are based on more than profits.

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It is also true that all these blessings are not available in every corner of the planet at this time. Perhaps you are one of the fortunate ones. Perhaps you recognize some of these opportunities in your life today; perhaps you recognize all of them.

Rejoice! You are wildly fortunate.

And...is there still something holding you back from choosing every single small and grandiose thing which your soul desires? Are you still gravitating towards choices and life paths which don't completely light you up? Are you still living in some way that is similar to your grandmother, your father or your cultural restrictions? If you'd like to do anything differently, listen up.

You, living your own best life, creates deep ancestral healing.

What am I talking about? What does "ancestral healing" even mean? Well, let's dive in.

There have been generations before us, and the generation which has taken care of us, who have taken on certain restrictions to their life. Sometimes it seemed like the way to survive, such as making certain family structures. Sometimes it seemed like the way to thrive, like working jobs that may have left our parents and ancestors drained and broken. Sometimes people just never saw a different model, and continued to use physical punishment with their children, or feed processed food to their families, or do the same routine over and over without realizing there can be so much more. 

I address a lot of this in the free training -- The Three Unconscious Vows That Keep You From Your Best Life -- and I highly recommend it as a supplement to this content.

That said...you get to do it differently.

As you walk your path, as you live the life that your heart pulls for, you create massive ripples in your ancestral dynamics. And I'll show you three ways that you can empower this experience..

As you do what you want, with your kind and mindful heart guiding the way, you break generational chains of restriction, fear and worry. You initiate cycles of empowerment, compassion and a bigger picture than there has ever been -- in your family, in your lineage, and even in the family structures of other people who you join life paths with.

Isn't that epic? Yes, you have that much power. Yes, your choices matter that much.

And all you have to do to create these magnificent shifts in deep ancestral and planetary dynamics is to follow your heart. Speak from your soul. Choose from your deepest desires. You already have the map, and the compass. And now you get to live it every day.

Alright, easier said than done, right? Maybe you're imagining all of these fantastical choices and life paths as you drift off to sleep every night, and are unsure of how to actually go and choose them.

So let's set you up for some of this wonderful action.

The major thing to realize: whether you partake of these empowerments with your blood family or not, it doesn't matter. Simply you, walking your life path in the most soul-infused, soul-embodied way brings major shifts and ancestral healing to the whole planet. This is energetic, and not about any specific other person being involved in it.

OK, let's get started.

The first empowerment:

Speak your heart. When you bring up topics that have previously been taboo in your family circle, you open up vast chasms of darkness. And that is why this starts gently. That is why it starts within yourself.

If you have yet to get comfortable with looking at and experiencing your own body, everywhere; or if you have yet to get comfortable with looking at the details of your money game; do that first. Sexuality and Money are major ancestral taboos. Perhaps you know of others. Start the process with yourself, and then bring it into your circle gently, with simple questions. 

"What's your experience with...?"
"Have you ever....?"
"I've just experienced XYZ, has that ever happened to you?"

You are creative. You will find ways to do this.
By bridging the conversational gap, you open up worlds of healing.
You may find that as you live your truth, people come to you with their stories and experiences without you even starting the conversation. That's the effect of ancestral healing.

The second empowerment:

Forgive the ancestral patterns that you have been gifted. Realize that every human being is an embodied soul, whether they are consciously aware of this or not. Every human being is on their own learning journey, and some people have different priorities and worldviews.

Perhaps parents or grandparents didn't live up to the expression of unconditional love. Perhaps they didn't embody love, period. 

Walking your own path starts with breaking all the chains which keep you stuck from moving ahead on that path. Forgiveness is a huge turning point, and is an ongoing process.

And just to be clear, forgiveness is different from condoning.

My family structure didn't teach me how to actively navigate, manage and save money. When I realized this I felt angry, betrayed and like I wasn't set up for life in this world. Before I could move forward to truly learn, shift and empower this dynamic within myself, I had to forgive the people who chose to gift me this experience. When I let go of blame and shame, I started to fill that same space with calmness and effective principles to move myself forward.

Again, this is an ongoing process, and a very necessary one.

There can be deep and heavy experiences and programming that keep you standing still instead of walking your own journey. Traumatic experiences that are unique to you. As you move into inviting forgiveness, and as it does its work of washing you clear, wave after wave of it, you will start to move in your own way, in your own direction. One that arises from the depths of your innocent soul. And in doing so, ancestral healing takes place.

Do it for yourself. Do it for your own life path and experience.
And just know that in doing so, you are benefiting so many other sentient beings.

The third empowerment:

The third empowerment is trust. It may sound simple, that said, this empowerment is foundational to the other two. By cultivating trust in your soul's intentions, in the fact that you have the capacity to choose life paths, and by cultivating trust in the innate support and love offered to you by this existence, you harness and store vital life force.

When choosing a direction, it is vital to choose it with all your heart. To choose is completely. So that doubt and fear do not drag parts of your back, and so that all of you, wholly and holy, makes it to your chosen life path and destination.

By focusing on trust you empower this process of moving forward with all of yourself. Trust is different than hope, in that trust is a full-spectrum experience. In hope, we may see two sides of possibility, and wish one to come true over another. In trust, we lay ourselves down fully, and release all that we are not in control of; release it from our minds. And now we are freed to fully turn our powerful mind to create our intended desire.

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Again, simple, not necessarily easy.

As you keep these three empowerments in mind and heart, your path and your capacity to walk it is empowered. 

And as you walk your path, unapologetically (because you have trust), with compassion for the journey (because you are cultivating forgiveness), and as you freely invite conversation to develop both yourself and other willing souls, a ripple of ancestral healing is generated.

You are that powerful. You are that needed. You are that capable.

I wish you all the best, 
And I am here to support you. Please reach out to me for exactly that and anything else.

In the comments, let me know -- which one of these empowerments frightens you most? Because yes, each one of them is challenging, and that is why each one of them is deeply empowering.

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